Day: April 19, 2014

Saturday, 19 April 2014

09:59 – Barbara and Frances met the Hospice nurse at 5:30 yesterday at Sankie’s apartment. The nurse determined that Sankie isn’t ready to be moved to Hospice yet, but she’s now officially under Hospice care. That means no more trips to the doctor, and if there’s a crisis they’ll call Hospice instead of 911. If Sankie continues to get worse, they’ll eventually move her directly to Hospice. There’s no telling how long that might be. It could be weeks or it could be days. I suspect days is more likely than weeks. So, for now, we’re all in waiting mode.

It’s a cold, breezy, wet day. Barbara has yard work she wants to do, but that’ll have to wait for tomorrow. She’s out running errands at the moment. When she returns, she’ll get started on labeling 90 more sets of bottles for chemistry kits while she watches some of the series she likes on Netflix streaming.

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