Day: April 10, 2014

Thursday, 10 April 2014

08:14 – I’ve finished our federal income tax return. I haven’t done the state forms yet, but they’re based on federal taxes with some adjustments so it’s a simple matter to complete them.

I see that another high school kid went berserk, this time in the Pittsburgh area. This time, the weapons of choice were knives rather than guns. I’m expecting calls for stricter knife control.

I finished watching season six of Heartland yesterday just in time for Barbara and I to start binge-watching season seven, the last episode of which airs this coming Sunday. Toward the end of season six one of the main characters, Georgie, age 11, has to deal with one of her classmates who is a mean girl. The mean girl theme recurs through many of the series we watch, and I conclude that once a mean girl, always a mean girl.

Barbara’s mother is having to deal with mean girls of her own age right now. I was stunned when Barbara told me why her mother hesitates to go down for meals. Sankie is shaky and sometimes has trouble eating without dropping food. Apparently, some mean girls (AKA vicious old bitches) at the facility make fun of her difficulties. This isn’t something Sankie is making up. Her caregiver confirms it.

I told Barbara that, although I normally go out of my way to be polite and non-threatening to little old ladies, I’d be happy to make an exception in this case if she wants someone to scare the shit out of these old bitches.

09:09 – I mentioned some time ago that Elemental Scientific had been sold to another company, which planned to continue doing business as Elemental Scientific. So this morning I got email from the new Elemental Scientific announcing a 20% off sale. I visited the site, intending to stock up on some chemicals. Unfortunately, I immediately noticed that the new company had significantly increased its chemical prices, to the point where 20% off isn’t much of a deal, if any.

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