Day: December 28, 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

08:18 – Yesterday, for the first time ever, someone filed a complaint against us with PayPal for non-delivery. I checked the USPS tracking number and found that USPS had attempted delivery on the 18th and left a notice. I submitted that tracking link to PayPal and emailed the customer to let her know that the package has been sitting at her local post office since the 18th and that she should contact them to arrange pick-up or redelivery. We’ll see what happens.

13:26 – We just made a Home Depot run to pick up some shelf brackets and 6-foot 1×12 boards to add more shelves to what used to be my work room and is now a storage room. We also picked up five 56-quart (53-liter) Sterilite storage boxes for $5.97 each. What’s odd is that they also had 28-quart Sterilite storage boxes that were otherwise identical for $5.98 each. Let’s see. A penny cheaper and twice the size.

I also grabbed three of the 5-gallon “Homer” orange plastic buckets with lids for about four bucks each. They’re not listed as “food grade” but they look fine to me for food storage. Buckets and lids are both polyethylene. What surprised me is that although the tops of the buckets appear to be threaded, the lids are not. They’re snap-on, and once they’re on you have to destroy the seal to open them by pulling a tab to remove the perforated strip around the circumference of the lid. Still, they look like they’ll work fine for bulk food storage for items like sugar, rice, beans, flour, and so on.

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