Day: December 17, 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

07:57 – Yesterday I sent out the Polarizing filter sets that I’d backordered on several forensics kits we’d shipped. I sent email to each of the recipients to let them know their backordered filter sets were on the way to them. One of them emailed me to say that his kit hadn’t arrived yet. It shipped the 9th and was scheduled for delivery the 12th. When I checked the USPS tracking, it turned out that they had it being picked up on the afternoon of the 9th and then transferred to the processing center. After that, nothing. They’ve apparently lost it.

Oh, well. I’ll ship a replacement kit today and ask the buyer to refuse a second kit if one eventually shows up. Nothing to get upset about. Just a cost of doing business. I just checked, and USPS has sucessfully delivered about 500 kits since the last time they lost one. A loss rate of about 0.2% is close enough to zero not to matter.

14:06 – I just finished making up enough subassemblies to build another couple dozen chemistry kits. We’re in decent shape on biology kits, but we’re down to one forensics kit in stock. So I’d better get to work making more of those.

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