Day: December 26, 2013

Thursday, 26 December 2013

08:39 – Barbara continues with her annual Deep Clean. I’m doing year-end stuff.

14:32 – Well, data are still coming in, but it appears that the Christmas season turned into a debacle for UPS. The remaining Big Three package delivery companies, FedEx and USPS, appear to have had some minor glitches, but in general acquitted themselves pretty well. UPS basically collapsed. USPS was still making last-minute deliveries on Christmas morning. FedEx apparently wasn’t delivering, but at least they kept their centers open to allow customers to pick up packages on Christmas Day. UPS was apparently closed completely. I would expect UPS to have declared an all-hands-on-deck emergency and run full delivery services from the wee small hours of Christmas morning all the way through Christmas evening, or until they got everything delivered. Instead, they apparently all took the day off and just left a bunch of packages sitting in their distribution centers for delivery today and the rest of the week. Geez.

I just got another fundraising email from Wikipedia, so I went ahead and donated. I’d encourage any of my readers who use Wikipedia to do the same. Even $20 helps a lot.

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