Monday, 19 March 2012

07:58 – Methyl cellulose, the final chemical we need for the biology kits, is supposed to arrive today. I’ll make up a couple liters of the solution, and then decide what type of bottle to use for it. (The solution is quite viscous, possibly too viscous to use a narrow-mouth dropper bottle; we may end up using a wide-mouth bottle instead.) Once we get 60 bottles of that filled, capped, taped, and labeled, we’ll have everything we need to start building finished kits. We’ll build the first batch of 30 kits this coming weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m back to working on the re-write of the forensics book.

4 thoughts on “Monday, 19 March 2012”

  1. Wow, dead around here for the last coupla daze. Gee, could it be the summer-like temps and sunshine and blue skies in the last few days of official winter? Someone notify algore at once.

    Might hit 80 here in northern VT tomorrow or the next day and then we expect a “cold snap” Thursday when temps might plummet into the 50s. Strange. And the funny thing is we could very easily get blizzards from now into April after these few days are gone. I hope so…

  2. I’ve been up to my ears in work (day job, writing a nonfiction book, scheduling people to help take photos for another nonfiction book, writing a short story collection, taking care of sick wife, various government-required BS paperwork* for my business, and cutting and hauling friggin trees). Still am busy, in fact, but the 4-y-o came stumbling in to my office a few minutes ago, thereby putting a stop to the writing until she’s all cuddled out or falls asleep.

    * Some redundancy is embodied in the phrase “government-required BS paperwork”.

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