Day: March 18, 2012

Sunday, 18 March 2012

08:52 – Barbara is cleaning house this morning and then heading over to her parents’ house for lunch. This afternoon we’ll do more work on the biology kits. We made up a sample kit yesterday with everything in it except the two chemical bags, which we haven’t assembled yet. Eyeballing it, it looks like we’ll be able to fit everything into a USPS Priority Mail Regional-Rate RRBB1 box, which is good. But it’ll be a tight fit, so we won’t be sure until we’ve actually made up the two chemical bags and tried it.

We’re not offering any options on the biology kits, at least initially, which means we’ll be able to assemble them and seal the boxes, and then stack finished-goods inventory to await shipment rather than doing final assembly for each kit as we prepare to ship it.

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