Day: March 23, 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012

08:10 – O’Reilly sent me the QC2 pass of the biology book yesterday, so I’m doing a detailed read-through to try to catch any remaining errors. If history is any guide, I’ll catch all but one of them. Then, when the printed copies of the book show up, I’ll flip open the book randomly to one page, where that one remaining error will jump out at me.

We’re just about ready to start final assembly on the first batch of biology kits. I’m creating the biology landing page and the biology kit ordering page now. Both of those will be live before the book hits the stores, which Amazon is now saying will be 2 May rather than 22 April. We’ll see.

According to an article in the newspaper this morning, North Carolina is about to get slightly larger, at the expense of South Carolina. Apparently, the border was set back in Colonial days, when surveyors marked the line specified by the King of England by cutting slashes in tree bark with hatchets. They apparently did a pretty decent job, but were slightly off in the area around Charlotte. The actual border, per the King’s specifications, has now been mapped with GPS, and it turns out that 93 property owners who thought all of their properties were in South Carolina now find that parts or all of their properties are in fact in North Carolina. One mini-mart owner is being forced to close down his business because North Carolina gas prices are about 30 cents a gallon higher than South Carolina prices, and because he made most of his profit by selling fireworks, which are illegal in North Carolina. Other property owners potentially face changes such as being in a different area code or having to change suppliers for electricity, natural gas, and even which school district their children will have to attend. The two state legislatures are cooperating to minimize the impact of such changes by grandfathering in the current status.

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