Day: November 21, 2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

10:53 – Over the weekend, Barbara and I got a good start on making up a batch of 28 chemistry kits. The chemical bottles have to be divided into groups to comply with hazardous material shipping regulations. We finished up Group D, which contains the 26 unregulated chemicals. Those don’t require the caps to be taped or shrink-wrapped. All 26 of them simply go into a plastic bag–one of the kind used in supermarkets–which is then tied off.

Groups A (five strong acids), B (three strong bases), and C (four flammable liquids) each require the caps to be taped or otherwise sealed, and each group has to go into its own sealed plastic bag. Then one each of bags A, B, C, and D go into yet another plastic bag with a large scoop of vermiculite (to absorb leaks). Doing all that qualifies the kit to ship under section 173.4 (small quantity exemption), which means the kits can ship via USPS Priority Mail (air) rather than having to go ORMD Parcel Post (ground).

Barbara is getting ready to leave Wednesday on a Thanksgiving trip with her parents. She returns late Sunday. Colin and I are planning wild women and parties while she’s gone.

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