But it doesn’t matter, because the EU is doomed…

I confess to some small satisfaction in having been absolutely right about what was happening and would happen since I started posting about the collapse of the EU and the Euro more than a year ago. Of course, my satisfaction is tempered by the fact that we’re facing a world-wide disaster, and the fact that the US will do much better than other nations is of little comfort because in absolute terms we’re going to be hurting badly.

Incidentally, a few minutes ago I came across a very smart woman (obviously, she’s a genius because she agrees completely with me).

The countdown has already begun.

4 thoughts on “But it doesn’t matter, because the EU is doomed…”

  1. Thats a rather speculative piece with little factual data Bob. Lots of “we have to wonder”, “it seems”, “we can postulate” and so forth. It may well happen, but I wouldn’t be betting on it from readin that opinon piece..,

  2. Well, reality is often considered a matter of opinion by people with a vested self-interest in refusing to recognize reality, and the EU governments and ECB are definitely in that category. The author is making falsifiable short-term predictions, as am I. It’s easy enough to determine who’s right. We’ll just watch things unfold over the next year or two.

  3. It will, no doubt, be ugly. The fat lady has yet to sing however so lets not prejudge. I can see Greece and to a lesser extent Portugal having a *really* hard time coping with the demands of the lenders due to their culture of black market economics and lax revenue collection. Clamping down on that, while necessary is going to come as a rude shock to the Greeks and Portugese. Whether they can stomach it or not will go a long way to determining when/if they default and what consequences there are. *sigh* well, there’s a reason I’ve bought dollars, gold and foreign stocks!

  4. All I know is that when and if the crash occurs, it will happen suddenly and quickly. It will not be pretty and many people will be hurt in the stampede to the exits. And then the finger pointing will start.

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