Lab day

By on July 8th, 2011 in homeschooling, lab day

I need to schedule a lab day or two, but I keep putting it off. That’s because this won’t be lab work in the good sense–running experiments–but in the bad sense, making up solutions and other boring routine stuff. I mean, it’s pretty hard to get excited about making up a liter of 100X Chalkley’s medium concentrate or aceto-orcein stain. But it has to be done.

Which of course is why science kits are such a wonderful thing for homeschoolers. Sure, they could make up all the stuff they needed, or buy it piecemeal, but either of those is both time-consuming and very expensive relative to just purchasing a kit that contains what they need.

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  1. eristicist says:

    It was one thing about amateur chemistry that always disappointed me… it seems so much harder to make anything new. It seems so much easier to create new things (as an amateur) in engineering or programming.

    (I know this isn’t very relevant to the post.)

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