Day: July 2, 2011

Doing things the hard way

I really must take the time to get set up with the USPS Click-N-Ship program. It’s a hassle to load 5 or 8 cubic feet of kit boxes into the truck, haul them out to the post office, carry them in to the counter, wait for them to be scanned and logged, pay the postage, and get them on their way.

With Click-N-Ship, I can log on to the USPS web site, enter the addressee, and print a bar-coded label. The postage is charged to my account, and the USPS delivery person gets a notice that there’s a package waiting to be picked up at my home. That means I can ship six days a week instead of batching up shipments for a weekly trip to the post office. Buyers get their kits faster, the postage is cheaper, and I get a free delivery notification.

The fact that I am just getting around to getting this set up is more evidence that my to-do list is too long. If it’s a hassle now to do things the hard way, I can just imagine what it’ll be like as we start shipping kits in higher volume.

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