Day: July 26, 2021

Mon. July 26, 2021 – another week, counting down to school start…

Hot, humid, but no rain. That’s the forecast. My weather station said 107F at the hottest part of the day yesterday, granted that it’s in the sun and probably too near the roof. Still, it was 100F in the shade next to the single pane window on the other side of the house. In any case, it was hot.

I slept very late. I was worn out from moving all the stuff I moved at my secondary, and pretty stiff and sore. Not very motivated. Knowing that I had to fix the trucks first left me even less motivated. So, after I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, I headed out. Stopped by my tire guy, but he was so busy he pushed me off to today. Went to Costco for the Ranger battery, and the lot was full. Much more full than a normal weekday, but IDK about Sunday. I avoid the place on Sunday. The tire and battery center wasn’t too bad, only two guys in front of me. The old battery made it 6 months past the warranty period. Pretty good in Houston. The new one was only $68 but after the state disposal fee and taxes, $78? I gave up the old battery so I didn’t get charged the $15 core fee.

Hit up a thrift store on my way home, got some gun stuff to resell. Then did the battery install, checked fluids, and started the truck right up. My tire guy being busy with repairs reminded me that when I was chatting with the tire technician from AAA, I asked him if he’d noticed that the city and county don’t seem to be keeping the roads as clean as they used to. He said his company is doing land office business with damaged tires and towing and he does think there is more debris on the road. Government services tend to slip when the economy is bad. Even before wuflu I was commenting that there seemed to be an increase in illegal dumping, and a decrease in road cleaning. That hasn’t gotten better. Just another data point.

There are some businesses that do better when the economy is down. Auto parts stores do better as people choose to fix their own vehicles rather than pay someone, or buy up… Repair places too as people choose repair over the upgrade. Used or second hand stores probably do well too, as people look to save money. Some things to think about. And plan for and around.

Me, I’ll keep stacking, while increasing my repair and maker skills. I better have something, since I’m not a gardener…

Stack something.


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