Day: July 2, 2021

Fri. July 2, 2021 – getting close to Independence Day…

Hot and humid. No prediction about rain, because I was as wrong as the pros yesterday… Hurricane shaping up and aimed at south Florida with additional impacts in the Gulf, maybe next week. Weather is getting spicy.

Well, mostly I moved people and animals around yesterday. Puppy is doing fine, gained a pound in 3 weeks. He’s still so cute you can’t help yourself… Child is fine too. Second child is hopefully having a good time with her friends, I’ll get her back later today. My wife has a busy schedule of meetings and site visits at work, so I’ve been 100% stay at home dad this week.

And that’s fine. Except that I’m also supposed to be getting large piles of stuff out and to the auction, and I can’t. It’s very frustrating.

Add the hurricane prep, rotating gas cans, checking the generators, and all that, and I’m extra full again. Really couldn’t afford the week off in Florida wrt doing all the things, but couldn’t afford to miss the time with mom and family either. Balance, and priorities. I got ’em, but they don’t do me any good.

Just piling it up is easy. Making it all work is hard. I better get more practice.

Keep stacking, and practicing….


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