Day: July 5, 2021

Mon. July 5, 2021 – just another day to work, until it’s not.

Maybe cooler, but still wet… looks like we got almost an inch yesterday, by my weather station. I didn’t get the back yard grass cut, that’s for sure. The rain kept the heat down, but we did get some breaks in the overcast and rain during the day. I’m hoping we get a few more today. It was 75F when I went to bed, it would be nice to stay out of the 90s.

Spent the 4th working in my office and bedroom, cleaning up stuff and organizing. It’s hard to see what changed, but stuff did. My wife took child one to GS camp, while I stayed home with child two. She listened to music, played Animal Crossing, and played with the puppy. Just a normal day. The rain and the trip to Conroe put any plans we might have had to go to the pool for the 4th on hold.

My wife and I weren’t super excited to party and mingle anyway. In the morning my wife got word that her aunt had died, suddenly and unexpectedly. She came in from a walk, sat down on the couch, and died. Her husband found her shortly after, but it was too late to do anything. She was overweight, but vibrant and energetic with no known issues. Late 60s. I mention it because it will inevitably come up in the next week if my wife heads home to be with family, and because you never know the day, or the hour.

Loss of a job, a serious illness, and death of a spouse are the three most common disasters we face, yet we rarely prep for them. Most of us here are of an age where those things are distressingly common, and becoming more so. Review your plan. If you don’t have one, make one. Make sure someone knows about it. Live your life, pay attention. Revel in what’s good.

Accident, injury, illness, or simple bad luck- none of us knows the appointed hour, and it will probably come sooner than we would like.

Stuff set aside and standing ready can ease the impact of the disaster, if not the hurt, even the most personal ones.


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