Day: July 15, 2021

Thur. July 15, 2021 – time, ask me for anything but time…

I purely suck at weather forecasting, even when I’m just saying “today will probably be like yesterday.” Today will probably be like yesterday, which was not at all like I thought it would be. In fact yesterday was very nice, if horribly humid. It did rain later in the day, so I guess I wasn’t as wrong as I thought. Still. Today should be nice in the morning, then overcast and rainy later. I said it, now for it to be true…

Spent the morning yesterday driving all over and generally hurrying around. Got done what I hoped to do, so that was good. The afternoon was less productive. I did hear from Dell warranty support and they are shipping me a replacement monitor, with a FedEx tracking number and everything. That was SHOCKINGLY good service. It still has to actually get here, but all systems are go so far.

I don’t usually have recourse to warranty for most things, as I get them used or crazy cheap anyway, but I have done a few for work related things. Speco support and warranty service was very good (cams and NVRs). Kingston pc memory replaced sticks with almost no effort on my part. Ubiquiti replaced several wifi extenders that had lightning strikes nearby under warranty and the process was painless (after all the recovery attempts failed.) Another security cam company replaced a cam with a bad lens with just a phone call, and HP was very good with their business routers and advance replacement (at least 10 years ago). There are still companies supporting their products out there and I’m very glad they are.

Plan for today is pretty much just take care of the kids, and work on stuff around the house. Hope for a nice morning, and maybe no rain in the afternoon…

I’ve got a couple of auction things to chase, but they shouldn’t take long.

I spent some time last night looking at old posts here, and missing old friends. I also added category tags to the posts that came up in my searches. There was a lot of good stuff under the “weekly prepping” tag, that didn’t have any other categories.

Use the search widget at the top of the page, and the category keywords at the right side of the page to find stuff, even if it’s in the comments. Since so much of the good stuff is in the comments, it is worth reading through them if your search result isn’t what you thought it would be. I go back and add tags whenever I get good search results, but neither RBT nor I were consistent when applying the tags, and RBT rarely applied a tag when the subject was in the comments only, or after the day of the post. Tags are still a good starting place, and they get better as I add them to old stuff.

Funny thing is, a lot of the concerns from the old posts are still relevant, and some have come to pass. We’re all terrible at timing the markets, and our financial commentary might be just a bit off. But, in 2016 I mentioned “if” I was worried about a quarantine or martial law lockdown, I’d want xxx. Many of the concerns and prognostication about Trump’s election came to pass too, although it was 4 years later. Mostly, it’s very interesting to see how far we’ve come, how much things have changed while staying broadly the same, and how we’ve gotten used to the condition we find ourselves in. It’s also interesting how LONG it’s taken for stuff we thought was imminent to actual arrive. We apparently suck at timing EVERYTHING not just the financial markets.

However, if the last 6 years have taught me anything, it’s the prudence and advisability of having stuff stacked. I was wrong about the timing, but I wasn’t wrong about the need.

Keep stacking my friends.


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