Sunday, 18 June 2017

08:55 – It was 68.1F (20C) when I took Colin out around 0715 this morning, mostly cloudy. Barbara is cleaning house this morning. This afternoon we’ll be working on science kit stuff.

I spent some time yesterday preparing for the ham radio exams I’m taking this coming week. I did the Technician class sample exams 30 or 40 times. I scored 33/35 once, 34/35 a few times, and 35/35 on all the others. Passing is 26/35, so I’d estimate I have a >99% chance of passing the Tech exam, which is all I really care about. I’ll run through the General Class sample exams several more times over the next couple of days. Right now, I’m averaging 31/35 or so on them, which I estimate gives me a >80% of passing that one without further study. If I pass, I pass. If not, I’m not going to worry about it. As long as I can work 2M and 70 cm, I’m happy. I have no real interest in DX, and no interest at all in building a ham shack or pursuing ham radio as a hobby. Been there, done that.

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  1. Assuming a 33, two 34s, and thirty 35s, the standard deviation is about 0.44. You can miss 9 questions, which is 20 SDs or so, which is down in the 1-in-a-billion range, which is comfortably within the “+” part of “99%+”.

  2. Oh, goody. Just what I needed, a statistician.

    Of course, I remember the guy who drowned in a pool that averaged four inches deep.

  3. I like to start off my Sunday morning with a good dose of math and statistics; thanks, guys!

    “As long as I can work 2M and 70 cm, Iā€™m happy. I have no real interest in DX, and no interest at all in building a ham shack or pursuing ham radio as a hobby. Been there, done that.”

    Ditto. Ain’t got time to spend on that much activity with it. It’s a tool, just like the firearms. I don’t intend to become an expert/guru on firearms, either; just enough to earn some extra dough around here and take real good care of my own. And it may come in handy later during any possible SHTF scenarios.

    80 here with sun and blue skies and a pretty robust breeze and wind gusts. Off to the airport shortly and then back home again for two weeks with only the dawg and the cats. And lots of chit to do.

  4. You might want digital on HF, for the email backup if nothing else…


  5. 94F, 65%RH and feels like 105F. Gonna be another hot one.

    Kids got me an umbrella and sun hat to keep my brains from baking. Could have used that a day or 2 ago!


  6. Not so much a statistician as a smartass. Surely this cannot come as a surprise.

  7. Had to put my cat down this morning. We got her as a kitten almost 18 years ago. She outlasted 2 dogs and 3 other cats. She hated anyone other than my wife and I. The last time she was at the vet was probably 17 years ago when we had her neutered. The vet had welding gloves on when he handed her to me and told me we did not need to bring her back – the stitches would dissolve.
    She has been loosing weight for months but did not seem to be in pain and was still able to do all the stuff a healthy cat can do.

    Yesterday afternoon I noticed her nose was dry and she was not doing well. This morning, my wife woke me at about 5:00. The cat was very sick. I have never done this before, but I carried her out in a blanket, petted her and sent her away with a .22. Very hard to do, but I am glad I did it. A trip to the vet or even a house visit would have been way more traumatic. She went quickly and without drama – which is all any of us can ask I guess.

    Not a very good Fathers day…

  8. [snip] Assuming a 33, two 34s, and thirty 35s, [snip]

    Just barely enough data to draw a conclusion. RBT needs to take another 5,000 practice tests before we’re really confident. šŸ™‚

  9. So sorry for your loss, Bill. It’s never easy sending a pet away, especially a long-lived one. Is their a kitten in your future?

  10. We will definitely get another pet. We have always had at least one cat and a dog. We had to put down our 13 YR dog (Max) last year (at the vet), and the cat (Dynabite) today. So it may take some time – My wife will crack before I do, but we both have always had dogs / cats.

    Just talked to my step son and was getting emotional about the cat. He mentioned that, that is why he does not have pets – but to me, it is worth the pain at the end, they do bring a lot of joy to life…

  11. We are dog sitting a neighbor’s “little” dog this weekend – which is good therapy. This dude probably weighs 7 lbm soaking wet. Before I got to know this dog, I did not consider anything below at least 30 to 40 lbm to be a “dog” but he is the real deal (not that I am ready for a small dog in my life but I am glad he is here today…)

  12. @Bill F., my sincerest heartfelt condolenecs and understanding. Some may second guess your method of putting your cat down, but you did the right thing.

    While your hearts are heavy and it may seem hard to do, this is a good time to go to your local animal rescue. At this time of year they are overloaded with kittens. Seriously think about getting a pair.

    Now I must go as I am remembering my departed cats Miss Kitty (19), Jax (18), Nick (18), and Max (12); and my dogs Boots (I, II, & III), Pal, and Girlie.

  13. Thanks DadCooks and MrAtoz. My mother was a big animal rescue volunteer. I will talk to my wife about some rescue kitties. That is how we got Dynabite 17 years ago. They had picked up a litter of kittens and the mother then went back a couple of days latter when the fast food place employees called them saying they still were hearing a kitten under the dumpster. That kitten was our Dynabite and I think that is why she was so feral to anyone but my wife and I for her entire life… I am glad we could give her a good life – need to do that again.

  14. Something I never understood until having one… they add more than they take.

    You have my sympathy,


  15. Miss Kitty saved my life. After I was layed-off I was in a desperate state of depression. Miss Kitty belonged to a neighbor. I was sitting on my front porch, dwelling too much on my “failure” and contemplating a way out. My eyes were covered with my hands and then I felt a head butt on my left arm. It was Miss Kitty who then proceeded to crawl into my lap and purr as loud as a Kennworth. Long story short, the neighbor said Miss Kitty hated men, she had been severely mistreated by her daughter’s ex-husband. She asked if I wanted Miss Kitty as she was spending every day at our house now. The rest is history. Miss Kitty rescued me, now my Wife and I rescue cats.

    While I like dogs, there is nothing more rewarding than when a cat/kitten chooses you.

  16. Our condolences, Bill.

    People who don’t have pets don’t understand that they’re actually children.

  17. Thanks RBT, and to all of you. This was the only place I wanted to discuss this other than on the phone to family…

  18. Sorry for your loss, Mr. Bill; it’s always hard. Hope another kitten shows up; wow, eighteen years is pretty good for a cat! Over the last few years, we’ve had two cats just wander off and disappear somewhere, which bothered us both quite a lot, as we dote on them and treat them like family. We’ve also lost two cats to speeding motorists who didn’t bother stopping, once back in Montpeculiar, and once here. The three we have now are tough little buggers, though, and mainly stick right to the yard and us. If I’m sitting out on one of the yard chairs, all three will be sitting on the other three chairs with me. And they come in the house when I do at dusk.

    So glad that neighbor kitten showed up for Mr. DadCooks; the buggers often seem to know when we’re messed up, and I can personally attest to that, too. Being laid off when you thought you were good for years to come and liked your colleagues (for a change and got along with your boss well for a change) sucks rocks. And then you land another job a year later and it sucks even worse. And then you’re pretty much done in that “career” field.

    Wife was deposited at the airport and then I delivered a bunch of our peonies and some jewelry that wife made for her to Great-Grandmother, who’s been down in the dumps lately and having ongoing medical issues again. Also looks like she’s gonna finally sell the cottage up in Nouveau Brunswick; also has mentioned selling her current place and moving to a nearby senior living complex. I spent a good hour-plus chatting with her about all this stuff.

    Still sunny w/blue skies and VERY windy; gusts to 35 MPH.

    RIP Dynabite.

  19. Re: Van attack on london mosque crowd.
    Was listening to a BBC interview with one of the muslims who were there. He said this had the feeling of an ISIS attack. Remember that the violence we see is only an offshoot of the centuries old Islamic civil war. Islamic violence kills mostly Muslims.

  20. Well, another IT fail here; ran the updates on the Linux Mint machine I’ve been using as our main desktop for several months now, and on reboot, only got the Grub prompt. Errors trying to read anything via “ls” on various devices and prior to that I’d had loud fan noises intermittently.

    So for my perfidy and treason mocking Winblows earlier with Mr. Nick, I am now on the Windows 8 machine until I can figure out WTF went wrong with the Mint box. Too late to mess with it tonight. It’s running on an SSD and I’m hoping that it wasn’t somehow fried; we’ve also had a bit of t-storm activity overhead earlier but the juice stayed on here.


    I won’t have time to investigate further until I get back up here tomorrow afternoon from the VA down in beeyooteeful White River Junction.

  21. I’ve got xp install disks, and sp 1 and 2. If it’s on there I can copy it and post it…


  22. for that matter, I’ve got xp running on at least 2 machines, if it’s somewhere on there can can just be copied,….


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