Sunday, 11 June 2017

09:57 – It was 64.4F (18C) when I took Colin out around 0645 this morning, hazy and bright. It’s already up to 82.3F (28C). This morning, Barbara is watering the garden and then doing a quick house clean. More kit stuff later today.

Barbara’s friend JoAnne stopped by yesterday with her daughter, Kelsey, who’s back from college for the summer. Barbara and JoAnne stood around talking for 20 or 30 minutes, while Kelsey sat out in the grass hugging and petting Colin. He loved it, but I’m afraid now he’ll be expecting Kelsey to come over every day and give him the attention to which he considers himself entitled. JoAnne’s family recently had to have their very elderly dog put down, and haven’t yet replaced it, so I’m sure Kelsey enjoyed Colin’s attention as much as he enjoyed hers.

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  1. Fentanyl: A Briefng Guide for First Responders-

    This is some nasty stuff.

    “As matter of reference it has been
    determined that it would only take 2‐3
    milligrams of fentanyl to induce respiratory
    depression, arrest and possibly death (see
    photo of penny). When visually compared,
    2 to 3 milligrams of fentanyl is about the
    same as five to seven individual grains of
    table salt”

  2. 85-90 here today and very windy. Out on the yard stuff for a while.

    WRT fentanyl; first responders and social services peeps up this way are getting training in administering “antidotes” for these OD’s, and LE in this AO is also training a couple of officers to be able to recognize dope-impaired motor vehicle operators and hew more closely to what has been done vis-a-vis alcohol-impaired peeps. We’ve already seen several fentanyl fatalities, including one guy who was driving his car at 75 MPH up on the interstate; luckily he just drove it off onto the media and no one was hurt.

    But bear in mind all these types are out there be-bopping around; watch your six.

  3. Indeed.

    “… taking cover for a bit may be a better way to deal with it than running towards Stage Two and becoming part of the crater.”

    That also goes for other public shooting events; if it ain’t right in your face, best to sky up and di-di-mao outta there ricky-tick, amigos.

  4. Yes, fentanyl is very, very powerful. My wife used it quite a bit for anesthesia, as it works well and very locally in spinal and epidural techniques. It also has a relatively short half-life. She used doses of micrograms. It’s not available as a pill (injection, spray, patch, and lollipop), so dealers are getting it via synthesis.

  5. There were several times I woulda really liked a fentanyl lollipop in the past year. But I had to cowboy up instead. Which resulted in me sleeping in a recliner for six months. But who am I to complain; plenty of others in fah worse conditions and pain.

    Now out for a couple of errands and then back for some yard work in increments, and thank goodness for the wind today.

  6. For those of you with little to do:

    Norway Wedding Pictures

    contains a few of the images from the wedding I attended and photographed in Norway. There was another photographer (unbeknownst to me when I started the journey) who took the couple off to another location to do some formals. Pisses me off when people ask me to photograph a wedding then acquire another photographer. And from what I understand is becoming more common because of the crappy photographers that have a business card and $500 kit camera from Costco.

  7. Hah, we had a relative (amateur photog, but semi-pro) stand up to shoot at the beginning of our ceremony– right in front of our videographer’s fixed setup. Some scrambling ensued to move the camera while the B cam shot entrances.

    Relative got some good shots, but nothing like the guy we paid, and he blocked the video.


  8. And from what I understand is becoming more common because of the crappy photographers that have a business card and $500 kit camera from Costco.

    You’ve met my sister-in-law! She also drives for Uber.

    We had a real photographer at our wedding, but he used a medium format rig that took forever to focus/adjust. At the reception, the best shots ended up coming from the disposables we left at every table.

  9. Nick wrote:

    “Relative got some good shots, but nothing like the guy we paid, and he blocked the video.”

    Heh, when my sister married in 1972 she booked a professional photographer, and specified colour prints. The dimwitted receptionist recorded B&W. Imagine my sister’s fury when the prints came back in B&W! I was convinced that bodies would be found floating in the Torrens over this. She considered having the wedding reshot in colour, but eventually she just begged, borrowed or stole (litterally, in the case of my slides) the amateur stuff.

  10. @ofd, I think I lost 10 IQ points reading the comments on that Utica article.

    The rant by the female with “U” and “Ur” throughout was especially deadly to brain cells.

    We’ve lost, we lost, we’re lost…


  11. “We’ve lost, we lost, we’re lost…”

    There are those cretins, and then there are tens of millions of us Normals, many if not most of us armed to the teeth. Many, if not most, very angry and resentful and steaming, steaming, steaming….gonna be some kinda trigger event/s and I’m betting on this year, and all Hell will break loose. Maybe not an immediate shit-storm avalanche but we’ll see it breaking loose from the heights and beginning to roll on down…

    semper fidelis et semper paratus…

    Economics and financial wizard types are predicting a major recession in just a few weeks…should coincide nicely with the summer-in-the-cities rioting and antifa offenses launched against Normals….and Lord knows what else. Intel on the antifa assholes is that many are thinking seriously of “upscaling” to firearms, etc. That could easily produce the trigger event that will light off Civil War II.

    Along with a collapse, slow, medium or fast, of the financial house of cards.

  12. A few years ago my younger nephew and his wife bought a brown BC (“Barkley”). When they moved overseas they gave him to a relative who I don’t know. I like him, although he’s so hyperactive he won’t sit with me for more than a few seconds. I wish he’d been offered to me.

    He was very dominant, a BC owned by another family member learned very quickly not to contest for balls thrown where they could both reach. The older dog received some very nasty nips from Barkley.

  13. From the New York or North Carolina? Department:

    Very sad. But at least she and her family got out. I hope rural and small-town NC stays OK.

    Wow, I enjoyed her writing. And was sad.

    My father-in-law is from Chenago Forks, NY. His stories about growing up ultra poor in the Appalachians have been very amazing. I had not considered that the Appalachians in NY state turning into muslim enclaves. That cannot be good and at some point, strife will occur as the remaining inhabitants fight to keep their way of life.

  14. For those of you with little to do: …

    Beautiful pix, Ray! Ivanka Trump has nothing on the bride.

    All those Nordic lovelies, all gathered together in one place–yowza! Even the slightly older ladies have a certain something about them. Neat, the way you snuck in that token brunette.

    Time well spent.

  15. From the Yet Another Insane Week Department:

    “In a jailhouse discussion that was recorded, Winner allegedly told her sister, “I’m pretty, white and cute” and that she intended to play that angle to win her case. She also reportedly told her sister that she intended to braid her hair and cry in court.”

    It’s OK, though, because it is permitted for musloid scum to lie and dissemble to infidels.

    Off to the Land of Nod, finally, and another busy day tomorrow in 88-degree heat.

    “Pax vobisum…

  16. Beautiful pix, Ray!

    Thank you sir.

    All those Nordic lovelies, all gathered together in one place–yowza!

    That did not escape my attention. Several made me miss my younger years substantially. Dinner lasted 6 hours, that crap you eat before dinner that consisted of caviar, champagne, then appetizers, wine, main course, more wine, desert, more wine (Port, really sweet). Speeches in between that took forever. Then brandy (several types) before the dancing. Affair had to exceed $100K what with the facility, food, wine, DJ, decorations.

    Time well spent.

    Indeed it was. Former exchange student that is like family. Could not miss the event. I suspect the next students will not be so lavish as the income status is not as high as this bride’s father.

    Off to Scotland today. Got a good rate at this hotel (Scandic) because the groom is a front desk manager. The hotel has the most fantastic (free) breakfast I have ever seen. The variety and quality was outstanding.

    Walk to the train, train to the airport (the express so only a couple of stops) then Norwegian Air to Edinburg.

  17. One of my nephews married a Norwegian lady a couple of years ago. She’s attractive, but nothing like the bride in Ray’s pictures. She moved to Oz and they live a few kilometres away with their 16 month old son. They’re involved in the local Norwegian society, and it’s there that he met his second cousin (I am his first cousin once removed(?)), who had also married a Norwegian lady (she’s a goddess). Small world…

  18. Holy crap, I’ve purchased CARS for less than those boots.


  19. They’re priced in Australian Pesos, so you can knock 1/3 off the price.

    I have about a dozen, in various leathers, colours, finishes and conditions, so call me Imelda.

  20. I’d love to get a pair, but it might be a crap shoot on the fit. Do they have a fitting guide and return policy? They are sweet!

  21. There was a popup about buying and shipping from the US with all pricing in USD. Good looking, but man!


  22. Surplus Army boots for me and cheap-ass sneakers.

    Where do I go where I have to dress up? Maybe a bunch of funerals pretty soon, so I’ll have to get a new black suit and shiny black shoes somewhere. I’m hard to fit, and likewise for the shoes, which I’ll have to buy and get fitted properly locally.

    Still working the taxes here and I’m about ready to be fitted for that plain pine box.

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