Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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09:05 – We’re having Christmas at our house this year, with overnight guests. Barbara is almost finished getting set up for that, other than a supermarket run on Thursday, followed by baking and so on.

What with everything else going on, I haven’t had time to get my anti-Santa gun set up and camouflaged. That means I’ll have to fall back to a simpler plan: a reindeer net and poisoned milk and cookies. That’s failed before, but it may work this time. It’s worth a try, anyway. I’d rather have the ASG, which has almost worked a couple of times. One year, as the sleigh accelerated away there was smoke coming out of Rudolph’s asshole.

I have a week to get all the year-end admin stuff done, which with the move is particularly involved this year. About the only good thing about business revenue being down for 2015 is that the government will steal less from us this year than prior years. We’ve overpaid estimated taxes this year, and will probably actually get some of it back.

From what little information has been made public, it would appear that the Las Vegas outrage was committed not by a moslem whacko but by an underclass minority whacko. For some reason, the authorities have put her on a suicide watch. I’d have no problem with that if all they were doing was watching her to see if/when she killed herself, but in fact a suicide watch is intended to prevent her from killing herself. I’m not sure why any reasonable person would want to prevent that. Her killing herself would save taxpayers the cost of a trial and subsequent imprisonment and would be, as a friend of mine used to say, no great loss.

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  1. nick says:

    Lots of discussion over at Survivalist Blog


    in the comments regarding care and preventative maintanence of a wood burning stove, esp WRT chimney fires. Lots of questionable advice and some good, and raised issues I wasn’t even aware of.


  2. Miles_Teg says:

    This is what you need to get Santa…


  3. OFD says:


    And where’s CINC? On vay-cay in Hawaii. Playing golf.

    The candidates’ discussion of why we’re still in the Suck? Or Iraq? Or Germany, Japan, Guam, South Korea???

  4. Dave says:

    <sarcasm>Just be glad nobody at the Las Vegas outrage had a gun. Could you imaging if someone had shot the poor, unarmed woman before she had a chance to kill someone? Or worse, if the child in the back seat had been injured by broken glass? </sarcasm>

  5. Ray Thompson says:

    Just be glad nobody at the Las Vegas outrage had a gun. Could you imaging if some white person had shot the poor, unarmed black woman before she had a chance to kill someone? Or worse, if the child in the back seat had been injured by broken glass?

    Fixed it for you.

  6. ech says:

    A story at Wired magazine of what you should have in your emergency kit in your car.

    Looks pretty sensible as a compact emergency kit. The one thing I would do is for things with batteries, keep them in a ziploc outside the light, etc. With the heat here in Texas, they can leak pretty easily. You also need to rotate some of the items for freshness as you would with the batteries.

  7. Chad says:

    A story at Wired magazine of what you should have in your emergency kit in your car.

    Typical Wired. All of the product suggestions than can be purchased on Amazon.com come with links to Amazon.com with an affiliate code so Wired gets a cut (including the safety pin and duct tape… lol). 🙂

    Not complete by any means, but I think it’s a nice list of tools to consider having in your kit (knife, whistle, flashlight, multi-tool, etc.) . I will say that the Gerber Shard and the Leatherman Multitool seem redundant.

  8. MrAtoz says:

    Here ya go. Cop slips and murders woman because he’s afraid of the dog. I guess Cop SOP is to draw and fire any time a dog is present.

    This is the shocking moment a cop tried to shoot a family’s dog and accidentally killed a mother-of-three in front of her young son.
    Burlington Police Officer Jesse Hill was responding to a domestic dispute on January 6, 2015, when he said he slipped and shot dead Autumn Steele, while aiming for her pet.
    Body cam footage shows the cop arriving at the Burlington home, in Iowa, where Steele, 34, was in a heated row with her husband Gabriel.

  9. MrAtoz says:

    Even the Daily Mail is reporting how our power grid was hacked. I wonder if we are doing the same to our enemies?

    Security researcher Brian Wallace was on the trail of hackers who had snatched a California university’s housing files when he stumbled into a larger nightmare: Cyberattackers had opened a pathway into the networks running the United States power grid.
    Digital clues pointed to Iranian hackers. And Wallace found that they had already taken passwords, as well as engineering drawings of dozens of power plants, at least one with the title ‘Mission Critical.’ The drawings were so detailed that experts say skilled attackers could have used them, along with other tools and malicious code, to knock out electricity flowing to millions of homes.

  10. OFD says:

    “I guess Cop SOP is to draw and fire any time a dog is present.”

    Domestics are a real bitch and a half to respond to, almost without fail. Always weapons in the house, someone on dope or booze or both, someone mentally disturbed, etc. That said, the default cop response now is apparently the same as college students have: if they feel the tiniest iota of discomfort or nervousness or fear, why, open up with a full mag and reload immediately, the cop version of the “trigger warning” and retreat to a “safe space.” The trigger warning for the cops is whether they have their finger on it and the safe space is the warm embrace of the department and the town/city fathers and mothers who back them up without question, usually. So, not even a wrist slap and right back on active duty. And I guess the German shepherd came out OK from all this.

    “I wonder if we are doing the same to our enemies?”

    Probably. Except the Iranians are not our official enemies yet (see Orwell on that deal) and it’s old nooz that our Grid has been penetrated by state actors, who know full well if they cut loose with an attack on it and can be identified by us, the retaliation will follow in short order on their heads. It’s non-state actors we need to be cognizant of now, but whether anyone is or not is a good question and probably “classified.”

    “We’ve saved your sorry Mundane asses countless times since 9/11 and you should be abjectly grateful and on your knees to us.”

    “OK, show us the data, the proof, the straight scoop on that.”

    “No can do; need to know basis and YOU don’t need to know. Nashunull Security.”

  11. Lynn says:

    BackBlaze Storage Pod 5.0 – 180 TB cloud server:

    I wonder when they will transition to 6 TB drives?

  12. MrAtoz says:

    My take away from the Newton shooting is: if someone steals your gun, you are liable if it isn’t under lock and key only you have access to. Ridiculous. The award should be nullified by a judge. It’s terrible what the kid did, but now *you* are liable. Let’s do the same for stolen cars used in a crime. Your car wasn’t in your garage, booted and watched by an armed guard, you are liable for any loss while used by a criminal.

  13. OFD says:

    “….Adam Lanza, 20, used the rifle to execute 20 first-graders and six educators…”


    Using that word in this context, as has been done countless times in regard to hostage-taking by criminals and terrorists over the decades, drives OFD batshit crazy with rage. I may now have to go out and execute the writers and editors who misuse the word like this.

    He used the rifle to MURDER those children and teachers. Hadji terrorists MURDER their prisoners/hostages. Armed robbers MURDER their victims.

    The State EXECUTES convicted capital criminals.

    As for us being liable for criminal acts committed with objects owned by us, that’s just the latest caper devised by criminal lawyer scum (but I repeat myself) to chisel money out of victims and survivors. So if a local yokel orc breaks into our house here, steals my offset Lamson knife and cuts somebody’s throat with it, the lawyers will sue us for all we own and also the Lamson knife company.

    Meanwhile I should keep any knives or firearms or crossbows or grenades locked up tight 7×24, which kinda defeats their purpose as self-defense measures, doesn’t it?

  14. OFD says:

    Three weeks old but still worth a read, here in the United States of Amnesia:

    “After 20 years of nearly non-stop mass murder by non-white immigrants in a country that is still majority white, our media have the audacity to claim that tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims are less dangerous than the most pacific human beings in world history: 21st-century white American men.”

    Until we’re pushed and pushed and pushed and finally riled enough to hit back.


  15. MrAtoz says:

    I never understood why the MSM support people like Ofukstik and Cankles. They clearly want to take everything and redistribute it the way they think is right. The first ones to squeal unfair will be the MSM. It’s clear the incoming Mooslim scum will have a lot of Jihadists. That and most of the remaining will immediately become underclass scum sucking on the welfare teat without contributing anything. The few remaining will integrate and contribute.

    I have to laugh at Cankles’ pandering. “Manhattan Project style money spending to break encryption”, “Cure Alzheimers by 2025”, etc. Talk about pulling lies out of her ass to pander to the few. It’s really sickening to see people applauding that while our troops are still dying in Ofukstik’s War. God, it would be great if she loses. Since her spawn is knocked up again, we won’t see much of her for awhile.

  16. OFD says:

    The MSM, academia, most of the seminaries and synagogues, and in recent decades, the corporate and government worlds, have long since been thoroughly infiltrated and indoctrinated/brainwashed by international socialist ideologies and culture. To them, and to the succeeding generations of yoots, it is as evident to them as the air we breathe, thus, no questioning whatsoever of the routine shibboleths like climate change, affirmative action, diversity, free and unlimited immigration, redistribution of wealth and reparations for approved victim groups, and the rewriting or utter blotting out of history when it suits them.

    These people control the country, in fact, the entire West now, and with them we face the musloid threat of 1.5 billion mutant barbarians. It doesn’t look good, but as RBT says, and I hope and pray, maybe the Anglo-Saxons and Celts of the West will finally wake up and fight back. I just wonder how much more we can take before it’s too late.

    It really is that simple now; we’re in a crumbling citadel, with barbarians on the inside pulling with all their might on the remaining walls and gates, and hordes of orcs outside climbing through. Half the guard are metrosexuals, homosexuals and women, and the other half are watching college hoops, HGTV, and brainless sitcoms while gorging on Krispy Kremes, flat Murkan hoss piss and chain-smoking ciggies, in their saggy baggy ghetto shorts and overside tee’s and baseball hats on sideways, from toddler age to ancient senility.

  17. Lynn says:

    I have to laugh at Cankles’ pandering. “Manhattan Project style money spending to break encryption”,

    I thought you were joking about this but I googled it anyway, “Hillary Clinton Joins The ‘Make Silicon Valley Break Encryption’ Bandwagon”

    Really? Ms. private email server? Who does she think that she is fooling?

    Oh wait, I continuously forget about P. T. Barnum.

  18. Lynn says:

    BTW, to all of my fellow northern hemisphere dwellers, happy shortest day (winter solstice) of the year!

  19. OFD says:

    “Who does she think that she is fooling?”

    The imbeciles, cretins, morons and fellow traveling commie scumbags and hags that think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.


  20. OFD says:

    Yo, mofos, they’s ain’t like us:


    OFD just wants ten minutes in a room and they get to strike first. With one hand tied behind his back and also blind (folded). Naw, make that both hands tied.

  21. Lynn says:


    Police said Rodriguez was already on parole for 2nd-degree assault before the incident.

    Eaters. If you don’t know what I mean, after the apocalypse, these people will be eating other people.

    It would be best to clear them out now but, not gonna happen.

  22. Lynn says:

    “Web status code tells you when sites are censored”

    “If you see a 451 error, you know a government tried to silence something.”

    “With a few exceptions, web status codes are meant to indicate errors. A 404 page shows up when you tried to reach content that wasn’t found, for example. However, there’s now a code for those times when that absence is all too intentional. The newly published 451 code (a nod to Fahrenheit 451, naturally) lets site hosts and network providers warn you when censorship and similar “legal obstacles” prevent you from seeing web material. In theory, this gives you a much better explanation than the generic 403 “forbidden” code — and a not-so-subtle hint that you need to jump through hoops to get the truth.”

    Is this the truth?

  23. OFD says:

    “It would be best to clear them out now…”

    Failing, most likely, any attempts to reform them and their behavior for a one-shot deal. Say, ten years guard duty on the Mexican border, or janitorial service at one of the Antarctic research stations. After completely paying off their victim’s medical bills and contributing to the Salvation Army at least ten percent of any money they make for life.

    “Is this the truth?”

    Dunno; haven’t run into it yet. But then I don’t try to get into top-secret sites that President Hillary doesn’t want me in. I’m also turning over my encryption keys to her ’cause I know she has our best interests at heart always…

  24. nick says:

    Cankles is as honest as today is long.”

    Today = shortest day o the year



  25. OFD says:

    “Cankles is as honest as today is long.”

    Damn. Took me a few seconds to get that. Slowing down late at night in my old age and decrepitude.

    Lying for these people is as breathing to the rest of us; they can’t NOT lie. It would kill ’em. The really grating thing for an elitist son of a bitch like myself is that she and her great big lovable lug of a husband are pure and simple trash. They’re a pair of Arkansas chiselers and hucksters from their earliest days after Yale and neither one has actually worked a day in their lives. They’ve been pigging out at the government troughs for decades and have now made many, many millions somehow, which no one questions, apparently.

    And like we’re gonna find out eventually from Mr. Soetero and his lovely and brilliant and vibrant wife, Moochelle, they don’t just fucking go away after they’re done looting and lying and getting decent people killed all over the world. They travel around giving speeches at tens of thousands a pop and try to get themselves big UN and IMF jobs and they never shut up.

    When one of their ilk goes on some kind of trial, as in Old Europe currently with Christine LaGuarde, they’re tried and judged by their own class of connected criminal scum and nothing happens to them.

    Larry Klinton should have been impeached for half a dozen things that he did and not for the stained cocktail dress, so you gotta wonder why it was the Repub assholes tried to hang him with that….and of course failed miserably.

    War criminals…the whole bunch…going back quite a long way….

  26. brad says:

    Interesting times coming up here, with our direct democracy. A couple of years ago a proposition passed, requiring the government to create legislation to kick out any foreigners who commit crimes (plus some other stuff). Aimed primarily at refugees, too many of whom get caught up in drug rings, or house robbery gangs, or whatever.

    The government created said legislation, but put in a couple of provisions where judges could decide that the legislation does not apply. In principle, that’s a good thing – judges are, after all, supposed to judge. One example brought up is that the original proposition made no distinction as to what crimes were committed – doesn’t matter if it’s something trivial, or something serious.

    The right-wing party is upset about this, and wants to allow no exceptions. So they are trying to force a specific legal text. Vote coming up in February; given the current atmosphere around everything to do with refugees, this promises to be an ugly campaign…

  27. Chuck W. says:

    Drone falling from sky barely misses downhill slalom racer in Italy yesterday.


    There’s going to be more of those. Drones crashing after flying out of range of the controller are already a big problem. I know a guy who has lost 2 drones this way.

  28. OFD says:

    They’ll have to be stringently REGULATED and taxes will be assessed along with fines, fees, and more ordinances, laws and REGULATIONS. Not to worry; the government knows what’s best for us and will Do The Right Thing.

    51 here today (Wednesday) and supposed to hit 61 tomorrow, with a sunny Xmas Day. Strange. Weird, even. Probably all the rich libturds’ endless jet flights all over the world; thanks, Algore!

  29. dkreck says:

    Software failure. How hard to program a failsafe landing on signal lose?

  30. MrAtoz says:

    I haven’t registered my “heavy” drones as of yet. I’m getting nervous. I better check out the registration web site to see if it is swamped. It’s free until Feb, then $5. I really want to thank the FAA for making the information open to the public. Also, you have to use a credit card when you register, even if it is during the grace period. It’s not like gummint sites have been hacked before, so I feel safe.

  31. MrAtoz says:

    On the UAS registration site, it says “Register now and your $5 will be refunded”. WTF does that mean. They have to charge my card and then put the charge back. Typical gummint waste. Why charge and refund. That’s not free. Somebody is making money during the “free” registration. Plus, $5 every three years. Surely there are at least a million “UAS” users. That’s over $1 million/year to run a web site. What a joke.

  32. MrAtoz says:

    Software failure. How hard to program a failsafe landing on signal lose?

    My prosumer dji has this, as do my home built. The drone crash Mr. Chuck linked to was probably hardware failure or pilot error. Surely that drone was sanctioned for filming the event. If not, the user should be fined.

  33. nick says:

    80 deg and 65%RH here at the moment, with overcast skys.

    That means all the concrete surfaces are wet with condensation, including much of the garage floor (at least the parts that get air over them.)

    Seems unlikely we’ll have a white Christmas this year. We have had in the past, or missed it by just a day or two.

    Christmas is LOOMING and still don’t have all my presents. UPS better get on the stick.


  34. Ray Thompson says:

    They have to charge my card and then put the charge back.

    It is so they know you are real person and are not putting in bogus information just to get a registration number. The FAA wants to be able to trace any drone that causes damage to anything or anyone. That requires a real persons information and the best way is to require a credit card that works.

    Or we all use OFD’s card. He has no money but at least he is a real person (in the heart beating an pumping blood sense).

  35. JimL says:

    Which begs the question: What is their Constitutional Authority for requiring such registration?

  36. DadCooks says:

    Does the Gooberment not realize that each and every credit card transaction involves several fees, a flat transaction fee and a fee percentage based on the amount charged, none of which is refunded so every early registration that is charged and refunded will end up costing the Gooberment. So each transaction will be a net loss to the Gooberment (and in reality to us plebeians).

    Sounds like usual and customary standard operating procedure (SOP) for the Gooberment. Pass the FAA another shovel, they need to dig that hole deeper.

    45degrees right now with our customary breeze of 25mph to 35mph, gusting to 50. Our hills do have snow on top though and the wind farm turbines are echoing their thromp whomp whomp noise, so very pleasant even a mile away (not).

  37. Ray Thompson says:

    What is their Constitutional Authority for requiring such registration?

    Because you don’t own the airspace above your house, or anywhere else. Sort of like driving on the highway, it is a privilege, not a right. As long as you don’t fly the drone over the height of your roof or beyond your property the government cannot make you register the drone.

  38. Chuck W. says:

    The upshot is that drones have been banned from all future International Ski Federation World Cup competitions.


    There’s no doubt they will be heavily regulated. Just google for videos of “drone crash” and you will find hundreds of them: drones crashing into people, animals, buildings, falling on cars and breaking windshields, I just saw one that appeared to kill an eagle in a mid-air crash, ramming into flying geese, running into vehicles in motion on the road, falling on sports participants (bicycle racer, skateboard trickster, water skier), pedestrians on the street, knocking someone off a ladder. Just wait ’til one of the attorneys around me gets hold of one of these incidents. There will definitely be laws about them when he is through!

    The sick thing about these videos, is that you can hear people laughing when many of these ‘accidents’ occur—even though it is obvious someone/thing has been hurt.

    I know nothing about drones, but just checked with a guy who uses them to inspect radio/TV towers before climbing them, and he says the ones he knows of, do not land themselves if they fly out of range. They either go berserk and crash, or shut the motors off and fall out of the sky. Even helicopters do not land themselves if something malfunctions in the sky, he said (he’s a long-time licensed pilot himself).

    As far as licensing them, yeah that is going around. My state did not require either car or drivers to be licensed until my dad was in his 20’s. It was voluntary up until then. Kind of like gun licensing will start out in the future.

  39. ech says:

    Which begs the question: What is their Constitutional Authority for requiring such registration?

    Actually, it prompts the question. Begging the question is something else.

  40. Chuck W. says:

    54 degrees and rising, torrential rain, and 30+ mph wind in Tiny Town and all over this section of the country. Supposed to be calm and sunny tomorrow. Just glad that rain (probably in excess of a half inch) is not coming down as blizzard snow.

  41. MrAtoz says:

    There’s no doubt they will be heavily regulated.

    The problem with this is most people hear *drone* and think multirotor toys like “quad-copter.” The new FAA regulation applies to *all* UAS “Unmanned Aerial System” between 1/2 pound and 55 pounds. There are millions of R/C airplanes, copters, blimps etc. that the reg applies to. What a mess to regulate. This will be a “low hanging fruit” operation for the FAA to fine undesirables like myself and Mr. OFD.

    I’m sure if you Google bicycle crashes, you’ll find multiple deaths, injuries, etc. Let’s regulate them at the Federal level, too.

    Autonomous landing helos have been around for years, just not in the public. The military has full size helos that have that capability. And there are already fully autonomous military drone helos that can land on aircraft carriers.

    Just my two cents. Another federal agency out of control. I’m sure the FAA has an “armed branch” forthcoming to enforce toy airplane users. The cops probably are training them on “I feared for my life” as we write, you know, to cover the standard emptying a mag into the civilian criminal perp. We are all perps to the gummint.

  42. MrAtoz says:

    As long as you don’t fly the drone over the height of your roof or beyond your property the government cannot make you register the drone.

    There is a little section in the regs “operate in safe manner” that is the catch all for the FAA goons to come and shoot you, then your toy aircraft, then your dog, just to be sure. If you are inspecting your roof and your neighbor jumps over the fence and the drone falls on him: the FAA will fine you, shoot you, your dog, then the neighbor will sue you, shoot your wife, your other dog, and be a libtard hero.

    My real beef is all the fucking morons ruining flying for the rest of us. I guess I’ll just have to get my commercial rotary wing license up to snuff and fly the real thing. Probably cheaper in the long run after my first “up to $27,000 fine” for not registering my toys.

    BTW, I now *do* have a toy UAS license from the FAA. Not sure when my $5 will be back in my account. Hopefully before the FAA is hacked and my card is stolen.

  43. Ray Thompson says:

    the FAA will fine you, shoot you, your dog, then the neighbor will sue you, shoot your wife, you other dog

    Along with all the other federal agencies including the department of education. Why else would they be buying all those weapons and ammunition? Don’t send your kid to school and you may get shot for being a threat.

    all the fucking morons ruining flying

    Indeed. I was at a high school football and some cretin was flying a drone over the field opposite to where the line of scrimmage was located. What he never realized is that an interception that resulted in a return put the play squarely under his drone. It is illegal to fly a drone over a stadium when people are in the stadium. He clearly did not know, or more likely did not care, about the rules. The local police at the game who I informed about the infraction ignored the guy and let him continue to fly his drone. Stupid people all around.

    But now with a rule, a federal rule, I suppose the cops could have drawn done on him and shot his sorry ass in self defense as reaching for the drone controls would be a threat.

  44. MrAtoz says:

    I read while nobody was looking or caring, the DHS quietly removed the “opt out ” of the nude scanner for a pat down. Now they can force you through the scanner. Next up: rectal cavity searches for all WHITEY!, Vet, hetero, male, etc perps. Especially long hair bearded recluses who have to fly out to accompany the Mrs. to at least see her once a month. I’m talking about you know who. I buzz my head and shave these days, but the same applies to me.

  45. Miles_Teg says:

    I’m sure if Hillary or the Mooch does the cavity search our mutual friend will love it… 🙂

  46. nick says:

    Hmm, I flew last month and opted out. You get the full grope pat down if you do, unless you are carrying a child…

    If they want to grope me, I always ask for the private screening. I have to take my belt off, and I don’t want my pants falling down. Plus, turn the crank even farther. I used to talk about communicable diseases the whole time they were touching me. That was fun.


  47. MrAtoz says:

    I still fly enough I got the TSA precheck cert. I went to San Diego last week with MrsAtoz for a last minute gig. Through the metal detector with shoes and belt on, carry on liquids still in bag through xrays with no problemo. Some lady tried walking through the metal detector with God awful spike heels covered in some kind of coins. lol! they forced here through the nude scanner even after she took off her shoes. Wasted her TSA pre check money for being a moron.

    So far this year, the TSA precheck line has saved me hours of check in time standing in lines. Best $80 bucks I’ve spent on gummint stoopid regs.

  48. Ray Thompson says:

    rectal cavity searches for all WHITEY!, Vet, hetero, male, etc perps

    But no rag heads. Maybe you should start flying with a towel wrapped around your head.

  49. Ray Thompson says:

    I still fly enough I got the TSA precheck cert

    I get the precheck when I fly most of the time. Never paid a dime. Last flight I got precheck on the way back but not the way out. Odd. Prior trip to Europe wife got precheck and I did not and I fly more than her. I still went through the precheck line with her and no one said a word. Last trip to Europe my boarding pass was flagged for full search both directions. Random selection my ass. Then I got my domestic boarding pass for the remainder of the return trip and had precheck on the boarding pass.

    The search in Oslo Norway was a complete search, bag and body. They started to walk away with my passport and I pitched a fit. That passport stays with me as I did not want some person I did not know walking away with it and forgetting about. The security people got miffed about my demand and that may account for the particularly affectionate (in my opinion) nut squeezing.

    I don’t fly enough to make it worthwhile to pay the tax so I don’t have to strip. As to why I get precheck I don’t know. May have to do with my frequent flyer account.

  50. DadCooks says:

    IMHO, this is just being done to distract us from the moslems that have been quietly planted here by our own Gooberment. Obola and Cankles can both point to this and say, “see we are deporting “illegals”.


    And finally, Cankles sure knows how to score points with the Latinos:

  51. OFD says:

    “…I guess I’ll just have to get my commercial rotary wing license up to snuff and fly the real thing. Probably cheaper in the long run…”

    Yo, homes, go for it! I’ll refresh my gunner skillz and we can hab us sum fun!

    “Especially long hair bearded recluses who have to fly out to accompany the Mrs. to at least see her once a month. I’m talking about you know who. I buzz my head and shave these days, but the same applies to me.”

    I’ll buzz my head and shave again when my hair starts turning gray; so far, at 62, there is not one gray hair topside but a few in the facial hair, which doesn’t count. Shows I’m a distinguished gent.

    “I’m sure if Hillary or the Mooch does the cavity search our mutual friend will love it…”

    Anyone doing that with me will be taking a chance; I may well have just lately consumed a big ol’ meal of enchiladas, frijoles refritos, and huevos rancheros, washed down with Moxie on the rocks. That’s a nice breakfast for me.

    “I used to talk about communicable diseases the whole time they were touching me. That was fun.”

    I’ll be discussing how I’m waiting and kinda nervous about my HIV screening and the TB symptoms I’ve been having lately, possibly due to Agent Orange exposure, or exacerbated by it during the time I was in “special operations” back in ‘Nam.

    “I still fly enough I got the TSA precheck cert.”

    Mrs. OFD has that, too, but it did zip for us during our travails at Newark Airport this past July; we waited in long lines like pole-axed sweaty cattle for a full hour while small groups of Other types bulled ahead of us and were passed through, but we could see the regular non-pre-check lines were even worse.

    “Maybe you should start flying with a towel wrapped around your head.”

    Yeah, good idea, but ya gotta go full hadji mode; grow the beard, tan up a little, and look sullen and angry all the time, but you can have a good laugh with the other hadjis when you are whisked right through and past the stupid Murkan infidels getting the full-monty machine search and perverted full-gropes.

    “IMHO, this is just being done to distract us from the moslems that have been quietly planted here by our own Gooberment.”

    Indeed, and quite frankly, given a choice between supposedly Roman Catholic Hispanics and hadji scum, I’ll take and keep the former, but given a real choice, no one would get in except under RBT’s criteria, if at all. And tens of millions already here would be given the heave-ho; bring troops home from the 1,000 overseas mil-spec installations and get the job done.

    And as for Cankles pandering to the Hispanics, the bitch has zero shame and infinite hypocrisy, pure and simple. Most of us on this board have more in common with them and their families than she and her ilk do.

  52. OFD says:

    Food for thought here, much careful thought, while remembering that above all, listening and watching is more important, intel is more important, than tacticool rambo chit in the woods and learning how to can Brussels sprouts:


    Those of us beyond allegedly viable active mil-spec age can do LOTS with intel gathering and commo. What’s going on in YOUR AO these days? Who runs the show there? How would things shake out if the cities exploded and UC and FSA elements began expanding to the suburbs and exurbs and rural areas? Maybe with auxiliary armed and experienced gangbangers salted with narcotrafficante soldiers. Could your local LE department deal with it? For how long?

  53. Chuck W. says:

    My read of things is always different than others. Actually, I have no argument with the “conservatism” of my grandparents’ generation, but what passes as conservative today is far, far from theirs. If you follow the Pew Research findings, the US is now overwhelmingly liberal on almost all major issues. This is no surprise, IMO, and I lay the blame solely on Republicans, who are elitist opportunists, not conservatives by any stretch. The public has voted for their promises, and the rich bastards in charge have not delivered anything but gridlock—time after time.

    So the country moves left, ’cause the ‘conservatives’ sure aren’t producing results—they only serve the PAC’s, big business, and religious fundamentalists, which is now blazingly obvious. And it ain’t the ‘libturds’ that are making life miserable at airports—it’s Republicans! G.W. Bush the chief provocateur, who started the militarization of America with his own brainless tactics.

    There is positively nothing that can be done to stop this move to the left. And if Trump accedes, my guess is that it will happen even faster than should a more thinking man like Sanders succeed.

    I am just along for the ride, because nothing I think or do will change the outcome, and I am tired of trying to reason with the witless one on one anymore.

    Have a blessed couple of days as I am off to be with family. Returning next week.

  54. nick says:

    I read the article on zerohedge, and it looks like ‘some’ people won’t be able to opt out, with no indication of what would give a person that status.

    I get precheck some times, sometimes I don’t. I’ve got about 3/4 million air miles, with the bulk on domestic flights. No status based on flights since I quit traveling for work though. I’d rather be HOME with my family than bumped to business class any day o the week. I’ve got a credit card that gives me silver status and club access, which at least gets me free bag check, clean quiet bathrooms, and the elite security line when I do have to fly.

    On a couple of projects back in the day, one of our crew had spent some time consorting with folks in the militia movement. You NEVER wanted to be stuck in the security line behind him. 🙂 I wish we could go back to those days when all we had to worry about was our own fringe.

    The best defense against the grope is to carry a small child thru the metal detector. It’s worked like a charm so far.

    Regarding spending the do-re-mi for a program like Clear, or the other pre-check system, if you are flying out of certain airports, like Orlando, you pretty much need to do it. I never did, nor did I participate in any of the border crossing pre-clearance programs. Just lucky in my airports I guess, but I rarely had super long waits.

    I’m reading Prayers for the Assassin, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FCKRWO/ref=series_dp_rw_ca_1

    It’s super disturbing. Very well written. Interesting and compelling characters. The world it is set in is literally giving me bad dreams.

    2040, a couple of nukes in US cities and Mecca, perpetrated by Mossad under false flag to raise sentiment against muslims but later outed, results in a US civil war and US conversion to islamm. Both coasts are IS with the mormons and the old south bible belt holding out. The viewpoint character is a retired Fedeyeen ‘shadow warrior’ who is searching for a missing person. It’s a bit of a spy/political thriller, set in a post-Apocalypse US, but not a Mad Max apocalypse, and it is DISTURBING. So far, I can recommend it, but it is very different.

    H/T to http://michaelbane.blogspot.com/2015/12/required-reading.html for the book.


    did I mention it’s disturbing? Seriously, bad dreams three nights running. I might have to re-read some John Ringo zombie books to get my equanimity back.

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