Day: December 30, 2015

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

09:39 – The unfinished basement area is still cluttered, but we’ve made a lot of progress on getting it cleared out. We’ll work more on it today. By the first of the week, I hope to have things set up and functional in there for building more science kits.

In moving stuff around, I found myself impressed by just how much food we have stored. A lot of it needs to be repackaged–bags of rice, boxes of pasta, and so on–but (and Barbara will be delighted to hear me say this) we’re in pretty good shape as things stand. I do want to add more bulk staples, but that’s not a top priority.

I also need to do some work on our network and get a working desktop system set up. Again, that’s not a top priority, but it does need to be done. I’ve been surprised by how well this little Dell notebook is doing. Not much processor nor much memory, but it’s getting the job done for now.

One of the things that does concern me is making sure that Barbara is happy here. Other than when she was away at college and grad school, she’s lived in Winston-Salem all her life. This is a big change for her. For me, not so much. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and I’m perfectly happy with just Barbara and Colin for companionship. Barbara, on the other hand, is used to seeing friends and family frequently. Eventually, she’ll make new friends up here, but for now it must be kind of hard for her to have just Colin and me to look at.

So I’ll encourage her to get out and meet people here, to make trips down to Winston whenever she wants, and to invite friends from Winston to stay with us up here for a weekend or a week or whatever.

Back to work on the unfinished area of the basement.

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