Day: September 18, 2014

Thursday, 18 September 2014

07:39 – Barbara leaves at oh-dark-thirty Sunday morning. She and her friend Marcy are taking a bus tour to visit The Hamptons, on the eastern tip of Lon Gisland. Colin and I are planning an entire week of wild women/bitches and parties.

Kit sales continue at a decent rate, ahead of last September’s. It seems that every time I get a new batch of one type of kit built, I’m running short of another type and need to start a new batch of them. At this point, we’re in good shape on chemistry kits, but down to less than a dozen biology kits and only five forensic kits in stock. So I’ll get started today and tomorrow on building more of those.

12:59 – After discussing it with Colin, we’ve decided to skip the wild-women thing while Barbara is gone. As Colin pointed out, we’re only three episodes short of finishing Heartland S7 (again). That means we can jump back to Heartland S1E1 and start all over (again). We should be able to get through the 31 episodes in S1 and S2 (again) by the time Barbara returns, and possibly get started on S3 (again).

Colin doesn’t enjoy Heartland as much as I do, but he’ll watch it some of the time. (He particularly likes it when Amy croons, “Good boy!”) But he spends most of the time while I’m trying to watch by sending thought waves at me. “Throw the ball. Throw the ball.” Those are surprisingly effective. Sometimes I pick up the ball and throw it without realizing that I’m doing it. Many Border Collie owners will tell you that Border Collies are easy to train. Most Border Collies will tell you that their owners are easy to train, which is nearer the truth.

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