Day: September 1, 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014

10:51 – Happy Labor Day. It’s a well-named holiday, because every year Barbara and I spend the whole Labor Day weekend working. At this point, we’re working desperately to get subassemblies built so that we can build more kits so that we can ship queued-up orders.

Barbara has started watching series three of Reven8e. I’ll kind of pay attention when it’s on because I’ll watch Emily VanCamp in almost anything. We were sitting in the den yesterday (working, of course) with the US Open on. Maria Sharapova was in the process of losing her match to the Danish girl. At first, I didn’t recognize Maria as herself. I honestly thought it was Emily VanCamp on the court, and wondered what she was doing playing tennis at the US Open. From certain angles, Sharapova and VanCamp look not just similar but like identical twins. Even from angles where they don’t look identical, they look like sisters. Their builds are also similar. Both are tall and slender and built like tennis players.

Last night, Barbara watched another episode of Reven8e. As soon as Emily appeared on screen, I of course commented, “Boy, she looks like Maria Sharapova.” The one difference I noticed was that Emily has very slender arms, whereas Maria is noticeably more muscular.

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