Day: September 7, 2014

Sunday, 7 September 2014

10:44 – Barbara is doing the white tornado thing cleaning house. The last couple of weekends she just did a quick pass through, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming the middle of the floors. This morning, she’s vacuumed everything, moving furniture as she went. Right now, she’s damp mopping the tile floors in the bathrooms and the hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house.

As usual, I’m working on science kits. We should be in good shape for the next week or two, assuming no one drops a bulk order on us. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep building inventory.

Barbara mentioned last night that on her way home from work Friday she’d seen AT&T crews installing fiber along Reynolda Road, not far from Wake Forest University. That means it shouldn’t be much longer before they start installing it in our neighborhood. Meanwhile, I’m getting at least one or two spams per day, every day, from Time-Warner Cable, which seems desperate to get people to lock themselves into long-term contracts before AT&T introduces their fiber service locally. It’ll be interesting to see how long the AT&T contract is for. One year won’t be a problem. Two years I’d have to think about.

As of now, Barbara wants to continue working at the law firm for another couple years or so. Over that time, we’ll explore areas where we might want to move. As of now, Barbara is inclined toward the Pilot Mountain area, about halfway between Winston-Salem and Mt. Airy. That’s too close to Winston-Salem for my comfort. I’d prefer to be an hour or more from Winston-Salem in an area with municipal water, sewer, and trash collection, and with decent medical services available locally. I’d also prefer a more cosmopolitan area where fundamentalist Baptists aren’t overwhelmingly dominant. That’s why I’ve been lobbying Barbara in favor of the Boone, NC area. She did her undergrad degree there, and was initially in favor of relocating there, but she later decided it was too far from her sister and friends.

Wherever we eventually move, we’ll be looking to buy or build a home with everything on one floor and a full basement. Ideally, the property will already have a suitable outbuilding that I can use for lab space and manufacturing kits. If not, we can build that. Also, we want something that we can afford to pay cash for, which would greatly ease the move. We could take our time getting all our stuff moved to the new place and then clean up the current house and put it on the market.

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