Sunday, 27 July 2014

14:20 – Barbara and I did a Costco run this morning, mainly to return the dehumidifier and pick up a few items we needed. I’m now pretty comfortable with our emergency food inventory levels, but I take every chance to add a bit more. Today I added 24 cans of Bush’s baked beans, a dozen cans of corn, eight cans of peas, and six bottles of spaghetti sauce. When we got home, I ordered another dehumidifier (different brand) from the Costco web site.

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  1. Mrs. and Mrs. OFD did an airport run this morning, to the Pierre E. Trudeau International Airport, just to the west of Montreal. On the way back I had a little adventure with the Saab; got to the Highgate Springs Border Patrol Station and the traffic was backed up, five lanes of it, for a half-mile. Sat there for 45 minutes running on fumes as there is apparently some kind of gas leak; then I ran out just as I got to the booth where the guy was; two BP agents had to push me outta the way into one of their search spaces, but at least it was on the U.S. side. No cell service there worth a piss-hole in the snow and you can’t use them inside the building anyway; very busy place, by the way; they must have had a couple of dozen people working the car and bus lanes, the trucks, inside the office doing stuff, and not even counting the field agents actually out in the woods. They were all very polite and professional and decent to little ol’ me, who they must have thought was a complete idiot. (we got the car out of the shop this past Friday after they did the tire rotations and an oil change; there was no gas leak before that and the car also did not drift to the right when we take our hands off the wheel; wife is getting a load of this later when she calls.)

    Triple-A came out and gave me two gallons and I got more gas in the nearby town and drove home. Will be postponing at least one VA appointment and one meeting this week and it goes back in the shop Friday again and they’re getting an earful. Not the first time somebody there has screwed something up with our cars. Told wife we needed to ditch them if for no other reason than that they’re now 60 miles away, not ten, but they’d had techs who knew Saabs there, now there’s only one.

    It’s now kicking-back time for OFD rest of today; to hell with everything!

  2. Third attempt to PAY for an Equifax complete credit report, using three different browsers, and according to them it must be my fault:

    “Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

    Yeah, thanks; I’ll just hack in there and read your server logs now, m’kay?

  3. Third attempt to PAY for an Equifax complete credit report, using three different browsers, and according to them it must be my fault:

    I decided to pay for “all you can eat” credit reports a couple of years back. $12/mo via USAA, my everything insurance company. Full credit report and scores from the big three anytime I want.

    Tell me this wasn’t you at the border, Mr. OFD. Oh, wait, a bunch of Boy Scouts, those homophobic Christian scum. So lock and load. I wonder why they didn’t call in SWAT for backup and kill ’em all.

  4. “I have no idea who did it nor how to combat it.”

    The following comments are interesting; seems to me it would be in Google’s long-term interest to put the ol’ kibosh on these characters.

    Contacted Equifax and got a canned response that they’re looking into it; yeah, I hope so, if you wanna keep people buying your goddamned products!

    So I could probably have been working for the past year, because I was offered one of these local Windows jobs with the Feds back then and because of one nit at a credit reporting agency I’ve had to collect UI, until the end of the year, and file for it every week online with the state, and now I’ve been sitting with nothing since then. Getting a bunch of stuff done on the house and down at the VA but that’s it, not bringing home the bacon, that’s for sure.

    It would take a bile specialist. And so far getting the info to fix it has been a royal PITA.

  5. “$12/mo via USAA, my everything insurance company. Full credit report and scores from the big three anytime I want.”

    Thanks, I have them for one of my credit cards; I’ll be looking into this now as well.

    Yeah it was at the border just up the road here, MrAtoz; nobody pointed a gun at me, though; they could tell I was a squared-away Murkan citizen-subject, despite the hair and scary demeanor, apparently. Very polite and professional; and a very busy operation. At least there. The checkpoint we normally use? We sometimes have to wake the guy up. It’s in the middle of farmland and woods and very, very quiet. He knows us and our car, too. But I hadda take the main routes today due to the car situation; my French ain’t that great yet that I feel good breaking down on some farmer’s back forty cornfield road up here.

  6. @Lynn: That’s an old game. Used to be people hired Mechanical Turk, or some other source of dirt-cheap labor to manually click on links. Now it’s apparently automated with a bot-net, run by an actual, organized company. Worse, it’s not clear that they are doing anything illegal. Unethical, yes, but possibly not illegal.

    One option you might have: If you are pretty sure that it is this organization, contact them. Ask if you have been targeted. Ask what it would cost to be de-targeted. I don’t advocate paying “protection money”, but asking the questions may get you some useful information. Ideally, you can get some physical contact information – find out where the company operates from – at which time you can evaluate your legal options.

    If this would eat too much of your time (and raise your blood pressure), outsource this to some enterprising student with good acting abilities. Some people like trying to scam the scammers.

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