Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy Birthday USA!

As you celebrate Independence Day today, please take a moment to think about the men and women of our armed forces, past and present, who have willingly risked, and all too often lost, everything to defend our freedom. I worry about America, but there can be nothing very wrong with a country that continues to produce men and women like them.

The coast apparently got nailed pretty badly, but we’ve seen no effects at all from the hurricane. No rain, no wind, not even any clouds. We’re not doing anything special for the holiday. Barbara is doing stuff in the yard and later maybe some kit stuff. She’s meeting her sister and a friend for dinner and then going to watch the fireworks. Colin and I will watch Heartland reruns until Barbara returns. He’s terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks, so I’ll keep the sound turned up and let him cower on the sofa beside me until Barbara gets home.