Tuesday, 29 July 2014

09:16 – In the rush to build science kits this time of year, one thing I keep forgetting is to hold back enough chemical bags to make up refill kits. For example, when I made up another batch of chemistry kits over the weekend, I held back two sets of the regulated and non-regulated chemical bags. I shipped one of those yesterday and the other this morning, taking me down to zero available. That means to fill the next order I get for a refill kit I’ll have to remove those bags from a completed chemistry kit. Same deal on biology kits. I held back four sets of chemical bags for those, of which I have only one left.

For many years, I’ve been the official maintainer of the Cutieness Index (CI), a list of women ranked numerically by cutieness. Officially, the scores ran from 0.000 to 0.999, until Amber Marshall completely blew away the top score by earning more than 0.999. (My ranking spreadsheet ran out of room on Amber’s entry, so I have no idea how much higher she actually scored.) I suspect the other cuties may be annoyed with Amber for messing up the curve.

Until Amber arrived on the scene, Emily VanCamp had held the top position for several years, at 0.983. But Barbara and I are now up to series five of Dawson’s Creek, and Katie Holmes is now at 0.979 and gaining on Emily.