Friday, 20 June 2014

08:32 – Barbara gets home this afternoon. Colin and I will be delighted. I need to get things straightened up before she arrives.

I’m making up chemicals for forensic science kits and filling bottles today. I also need to get purchase orders issued for items we’re running short of.

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  1. Ray Thompson says:

    I need to get things straightened up before she arrives.

    Code for “Get rid of the wild women residue”.

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Nah. Colin and I talked about wild-women-and-parties versus watching Heartland re-runs, and he strongly favored the latter. We made it through the final 16 episodes of series two and the first five episodes of series three.

  3. OFD says:

    I’m almost through the second season of “Longmire.”

    Mrs. OFD will be wrapping up her three weeks away today and heading to a hotel near the Denver airport and then flying back here tomorrow for two weeks. Next two gigs are, amazingly, in Albany, NY and Manchester, NH, followed later in July by one in Philadelphia.

    Choppy vid problem still a factor here on this 8.1 Pro machine. Uninstalled VLC, rebooted and reinstalled, and it worked fine last night. Today, not. WTF? Something is going on here that borks the video and nothing is running overnight. Trying a couple more things now…what a PITA.

  4. Lynn McGuire says:

    You know, I used to be pro Dreamers. No way now. We may even need to shutdown all immigration for five years to sort this nonsense out.

    Troops to the border! Troops to the border!

  5. OFD says:

    Too late. By far.

    They could shut down the southern border totally for ten years straight but the damage has already been done; a conservative estimate is that we had at least 15-million illegal immigrants *already here.* Who knows how many the Obummer Regime has now let in, among them a lot of children, many of them with major disease and med issues, and how many narcotrafficantes, and how many hadji sleeper cells??? This was deliberately and with malice aforethought designed to cripple the country.

    Felonious and treasonous and impeachable. Yet nothing will be done, no troops will be sent to any borders, and it is a fait accompli; Boobus Americanus, in his standard-issue uniform of baggy shorts hanging to mid-tattooed calves, 3XL tee-shirt untucked, more tatts visible on arms and neck, earrings and morbidly obese, barely looks up from his six-pack of crappy Murkan lager, and the latest episode of “Murka’s Got Talent” or “Honey Boo-Boo.” Mrs. Boobus is down at the Wall-Mutt buying up more worthless plastic junk manufactured by Red Chinese slave labor and can’t wait to get back to the house and get on the net shopping channels.

    Junior’s down the street with his homies, same uniform as his presumed dad, only with the standard giant baseball hat on at a crazy angle and negotiating another big sale of oxy. Boobette is slutting around at the mall with the other dollymops and otherwise totally engrossed in her cell phone.

    When it all comes crashing down, these people will have a lower survival rate than all those hordes swarming across the border, who at least have some acquaintance with hardship and suffering and survival tactics.

    Meanwhile the Regime’s Arab Spring projects across the Med and into the Middle East are collapsing in Hobbesian state-of-nature chaos, with ‘the hand of every man raised against every other man.’ Ol’ Hobbes knew whereof he spoke, being a survivor and exile of the English civil wars and a translator of Thucydides’s “History of the Peloponnesian War,” which is a very interesting read.

    From Tunisia through Libya and Iraq and Egypt and Iran and Syria, our genius overlords have covered this nation with glory and honor, haven’t they? Hundreds of thousands dead and maimed, including thousands of our own, for what? The undying hatred of millions for generations to come. Nice work, kids.

    Maybe we will just muddle through somehow, being rich and powerful, and able to fracture the earth’s crust, plunder more fossil energy from around the world via sharp biz practices and endless warfare, and keep all them lawn mowers, weed whackers, and jet-skis humming for years to come.

    But I reckon that worthwhile reading is to be had with the texts that have come down to us from the Roman Empire’s period of “Late Antiquity,” the sunset years of the British Empire during the Great War, and the Wiemar period in Germany between the world wars.

    Meanwhile, Dream On, baby!

  6. Lynn McGuire says:

    Dadgum it, I was really hoping that SCOTUS would strike down software patents:

  7. Chad says:

    Dadgum it, I was really hoping that SCOTUS would strike down software patents:

    SCOTUS has really lost their backbone. They keep issuing narrow rulings that only affect the case at hand and not the larger issue. They need to grow a pair already.

  8. Lynn McGuire says:

    President Obama says that his humanitarian side will not allow him to call out troops and seal the border. After all, these are future voters!

  9. Lynn McGuire says:

    Hey OFD, have you considered this? You may even have a legitimate application due to your war wounds.

  10. Lynn McGuire says:

    SCOTUS has really lost their backbone. They keep issuing narrow rulings that only affect the case at hand and not the larger issue.

    The current SCOTUS is 50.0001% not liberal. I hesitate to use the word conservative but they sure are not that either. Or, shudder, libertarian.

    A number of people are starting to think that Obummer is considering packing the court for his last two years. I suspect that he could get away with it.

  11. OFD says:

    11-million out of 330-million, roughly 3 or 4 percent of the total population. BFD.

    It’s not surprising given an aging population, many of whom are veterans of the wars since 1941.

    My disability paperwork is now somewhere in the maelstrom of VA documents and procedures and clerks and scribes between here, Mordor and Saint Louis, Missouri. I don’t expect to hear much about anything for many, many moons. They clearly hope we all die off before they have to pay a cent out and make certain claims nearly impossible to complete or succeed at; this, while their top brass pull down nice bonuses and throw lower managers under the bus.

    We are treated decently up here (we will be decently fed and then decently shot) but the frustrations and problems stem from the national-level offices.

    Gorgeous day today here on the bay; sun and blue skies and temps in the high 60s. Nice breeze, too. Now back out to the yard.

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