Sunday, 22 June 2014

10:22 – We spent the first day of summer doing our usual Saturday tasks. Today, more of the same.

Our neighbors down on the corner are finally ready to put their house on the market. Bill and Barbara bought another house some months ago and gradually moved in. For the last several months, they’ve been gradually moving more stuff out of their old home and getting it ready to go on the market. Bill says the sign goes up Monday. They’re asking $250,000, which may be a tad optimistic. The one across the street from them sold a month or two ago for $169,000, but it was in bad shape. Bill said they actually sold it for considerably less than they’d paid 10 years ago.

The new family across the street from Bill is finally moving in. He’s a professor of Chinese religious studies who formerly worked at Appalachian State University up in Boone, NC. He’s now employed by Wake Forest University. His wife is still up in Boone, getting their old house ready to sell. Bill says the guy is probably mid- to late-30’s, and seems nice enough. Bill did express some reservations. Apparently, the guy’s legs are completely covered with tattoos and his hair is bright purple.