Monday, 2 June 2014

09:46 – We started watching series 7 of Heartland last night, which we’ll binge-watch over the next few days. Once we finish that, I’ll go back and start watching series 1 again. I figure I’ll have time to make it through all seven series maybe two or three more times before series 8 finishes broadcasting next May. At seven years and 122 episodes, Heartland is already the longest-running one-hour drama ever on Canadian TV. With the team they have, it might be good for another ten or twenty seasons, assuming that Amber Marshall Turner is willing to stick around.

When we started watching Heartland last night, Barbara said I should order the official series 7 DVD set as a birthday present for myself. I told her I would have done that already, but that set won’t be available until this autumn. I suggested that as an alternative, Barbara should tolerate me buying whatever I want when we visit the LDS store later this month. She agreed–she has no problem storing food–but asked me please to stock up only on stuff that we actually eat. She said she doesn’t want a bunch of wheat or pinto beans stored. That’s fine with me. I intend to store a lot of canned goods, with reasonable amounts of dry goods like flour, sugar, rice, dry milk, pasta, cocoa mix, spices, and so on.