Sunday, 15 June 2014

10:48 – We’re getting Barbara’s stuff ready for her to leave tomorrow morning on a driving trip with her friend Marcy up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Her Kindle is charged and has a good selection of books on it. I’m charging her cameras and clearing the memory cards now. Her notebook is ready to go, although I need to make sure she knows how to connect to WiFi networks where they’re staying.

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  1. Mrs. OFD will be arriving today at Buena Vista, CO, at about 8,000 feet, for the week.

    Sunday AM nooz….

    Russian tanks in Ukraine…

    Pro b-ball fans rioting here…(shocking)

    Casey Kasem is gone…

    Students at the local high school have built a quad-copter drone helicopter equipped with a camera, with seven pounds of thrust and six minutes of flight time, partly using a 3-D printer…

    Local loser who shot and killed a woman (who it turns out was a high school classmate of his years before) in a sorta road-rage incident was in court and the tape-recorded cop interview with him indicates he was likely either on or off various meds and other substances and a totally loose cannon that day, plus armed with at least two semi-auto handguns….reinforces my determination to always carry and get Mrs. OFD up to speed ASAP….

  2. Casey Kasem… haven’t heard that name for forty years, back when I had time to listen to top 40 on the radio.

    You going to get Princess up to speed with a Colt Commander?

  3. Princess loses cell phones, chargers, wallets, cash, keys, passports, contact lenses, etc., etc. Can’t have her losing a .45 ACP pistol. Plus she’s up in Canada most of the time anyway, which has really stupid firearms laws for such a vast country.

    Mrs. OFD is gone much of the time, also, but I’d like to get her squared away for the periods when she’s home and be-bopping around the town, which as I’ve mentioned before, has its share of reprobates, felons, miscreants and rascals. Plus one prison just three miles to our northeast and the infamous Dallamora across the lake up in the hills:

    Some infamous prisoners over there back in the day. Plus we got the local one-pot meth houses, the oxy epidemic, heroin, and the usual drunks and brain-dead mutants floating around as Murka swirls down the toilet….

  4. We used to have a county attorney around here that used to say he would rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6.

  5. That is a very old aphorism that has bounced around the gun rights ranks for decades, bumper stickers and all.

    In the latest nooz…

    Hordes of migrants continue to stream across the southern border, including lots of gangbangers and people with atrocious diseases…thanks, Barry…

    And we’re sending three more warships to the Gulf area, plus Barry had no idea shit was this bad in Iraq…

  6. Yah, “judged by 12, not carried by 6” is better than nothing, but I have almost no faith in the criminal system of justice in the US. Best case, you’ll spend at least a little time in jail and your weapons will be confiscated.

    It’s better not to be arrested. It’s best not to even be seen, at least not by anyone or anything that’ll get to the police. This policy has done me well for thirty years. The first time I stopped a rape, I carried the woman until I found a cop… who then started to draw a pistol on me, while I was still carrying the non-responsive woman. The jerkoff didn’t bother to finish hearing me out, and apparently it never occurred to the gormless retard that if I were a rapist or mugger I probably wouldn’t be carrying my victim and waving down a cop. Ever since, if I find myself stomping a mugger or whoever, I do the deed and then get away quick. If I’m going out looking for trouble, I wear non-descript clothing and something to cover or shadow my head or face.

    (In case you’re wondering, with the douchenozzle stupid pig drawing on me, I chucked the not-exactly-conscious woman at him and beat feet outa there. I was 19 at the time and comparatively innocent. Despite having just killed a rapist, I was not prepared to kill a cop. These days… probably wouldn’t think twice unless he had a partner too far away for me to get.)

  7. I agree with SteveF’s take on the situation entirely; unfortunately many of us may be attacked suddenly in the night at home or whatever and if we have to shoot, the deal then is to STFU when cops arrive and the only thing you might say at all is how terrified you were/are. Otherwise secure a lawyer immediately and say nothing else. There is a deal of advice and tips online and in books on the shooting aftermath situations and the legal ramifications; Mas Ayoob has beaucoups stuff on this and is a very longtime cop in NH. Ditto the people at the Concealed Carry Association:

    Thank you MrSteveF for ridding the country and planet of the scum not fit to breathe the same air and doing a job that the police either will not or cannot do, all too often. I came very, very close on several occasions pulling the trigger as a street cop but managed each time to not have to do that. Nanoseconds.

    In the nooz: all the REMFs are bailing outta the Green Zone in Baghdad…watch gas and heating oil prices skyrocket now…they’ll have to get their steaks and ice cream back in the World here again, LOL….

    …and of course, our law-breaking felon of a president still hasn’t been arrested and jailed…

  8. Thank you MrSteveF for ridding the country and planet of the scum not fit to breathe the same air and doing a job that the police either will not or cannot do, all too often.

    Some years ago, an employee where I was consulting was bragging about the jury duty he just finished. The case (or one of the cases) was a rapist. “We put him away for a lo-o-o-ong time, man!” I didn’t bother to tell him that by that point I’d killed four rapists*, which is more permanent than “putting him away for a long time”, and cheaper for the taxpayer. Partly that was because people in office settings tend to get uneasy around you if you casually mention that your body count is in the double digits. (Or that you have a body count at all.) Honestly, though, it was mostly to spare his feelings — he was a typical office drone who’d never dream of hunting people, and this was the closest he’d ever come to an impact on violent crime.

    * Numbers 2-4 were in the space of a minute or so. I was doing some freelance PI work, getting information on three “disadvantaged youths” whose rape trial was thrown out for some reason — cops or prosecutor screwed up, but I don’t remember the details. The girl’s father wanted me to dig up what I could on them so he could press other charges, file civil claims, or anything else.** When I found them, and they were, as always, all together***, I’d barely introduced myself and said what I was there for when the first went for the gun (stupidly) stuffed in the front of his pants. A minute or so later, all three were dead and I was quickly-but-casually getting to my car and beating “feet” outa there. (Stupidly, I’d driven my own car. Intelligently, I’d put fake plates on it ahead of time.)

    ** That’s actually not quite true. He’d tried to hire me to assassinate the three disadvantaged youths. How the grapevine had led him to think I was for hire for such a task is a good question, though I imagine it has something to do with me saying stupid shit when bullshitting around with coworkers or other acquaintances, and that getting blown out of proportion or taken out of context. Anyway, I told him I’d do some investigating but that was all. Then I ended up killing them anyway but simply for two days’ PI pay (plus expenses) rather than a killer’s fee. There ain’t no justice.

    *** If for any reason I needed to provoke them, I figured I’d call them all homos. Disadvantaged urban youth — that is, black men around 20 years old who’ve never held down conventional jobs — are very intolerant of male homosexuality and are easily driven berserk by accusations of it. As it happens, I got only as far as “I’d like to talk to you about [girl’s name]” when things hit the fan.

  9. Well, I reckon that’s at least four individuals who will never again rape or murder anyone. Both are crimes which we don’t see a whole helluva lot of in this state, for some odd reason.

    But there was plenty of it down in my old home state of MA, with ten times the population, a much more “diverse” population, and among the strictest firearms laws in the country.

    My main concern here is our defense, currently, against the local riff-raff druggies and B&E assholes who may drop by some night. But the ones I’ve seen out and about here in the village give this place a wide berth, again, for some odd reason. There was some kind of shindig down at the pier today, which is the area where the gas station/store, Creemee stand, and pub are, with lots of vehicles pulling boats and trailers parked all over the place. Including next to the town hall and all along the edge of our neighbor’s front lawn. Nothing anywhere near us; like there was some kind of force-field or sumthin. And if I’m walking around downtown groups of yoots obviously up to no good cross the street to avoid me. And the ten or so black yoots who all congregate along the wall of the packie store always look nervous when I cruise slowly by, eyeballing them….I must still have the cop stare or sumthin…

    That’s all great, but sooner or later we could get some hopped-up freak try to crash through the back door some night and I would like the Mrs. to be able to respond fast if I’m not here for some reason. Next up for her: handgun first, and then the shotgun.

  10. I was perusing the new freakonomics book at B&N today and he gave a theory as to why violent crime is down. He discounted guns and long jail sentences. His theory was abortions in high risk neighborhoods. I wish I could disagree.

    Spent a lot of time with FIL today. He is an old 81 year old. The brain is still sharp but the body is worn out as his legs do not function at all. I wish that we could take him home but he is in the right place, a nursing home.

    He and I watched “secondhand lions” tonight while his daughters and their sons played spades. Good time and great movie. Note to self, bring more pizza next time.

  11. The abortion thing is one of our host’s pet theories, which he first saw proposed in Scientific American. I don’t doubt there’s something to it, but there’s probably other factors too.

  12. SteveF wrote:

    ‘A minute or so later, all three were dead and I was quickly-but-casually getting to my car and beating “feet” outa there. (Stupidly, I’d driven my own car. Intelligently, I’d put fake plates on it ahead of time.)’

    I hope that the gun was deposited in the middle of a very deep lake somewhere, or popped in to a convenient blast furnace…

  13. Burned yet again on a Windows update, looks like; I had upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro a couple of weeks ago and all was good, including having BitLocker now as opposed to no more TrueCrypt, sadly. Then the other day I came in and the system had rebooted with some other automatic update; OK, whatever.

    Yesterday and today I find that videos are now choppy as hell, both audio and video; googled all over for various solutions, situations, etc. Tried a few to no avail.

    Finally, as I was collecting updated info to revert back to Windows 7 Ultimate again, I found the apparent solution at M$’s Technet area; had to run the sfc /scannow and after a while it told me that it had found corrupt files but couldn’t fix all of them. So then I hadda run the DIMM / (forgot rest of line) but it was some health check/repair thing, which also took a while. It told me all was fixed and now good. I check a video again and it’s still messed up. The techies forgot to tell us to reboot after that; all is good again now.

    But WTF; how do I suddenly get corrupted files shortly after or with one of their updates? And they don’t tell you which files, either.

    I’d ordinarily say here that gee, if only the wife didn’t need Winblows; I’d switch this machine over to Linux, too. But I know better; Linux would just generate other problems, maybe even the same ones. A good chunk of this is the hardware, too; I’ve had zero problems with either the RHEL or Fedora machines so far but who knows what the deal would be if they were on different boxes. And maybe this Windows 8.1 should be on one of them.

    Arrrgghhh….off to the sack and 17th-C English poetry again…

  14. @OFD: Seems to me that the consensus is that Truecrypt 7.1a is likely fine; recommending BitLocker was likely a joke, or a hint of nefarious government thugs going bump in the night. I mean, who would trust MS to resist NSA backdoors in their closed-source code?

  15. I know; but apparently the TrueCrypt developers have walked away and probably just got tired of maintaining it. So 7.1a is it. This type of sw has to be kept up and is otherwise useless. BitLocker is like a padlock on the barn door, period; keeps the amateurs away. I don’t have anything here that needs to be locked up tighter than that.

    And if I gotta run off and be a revolutionary or sumthin, I’ll tote along a Tails USB stick, until that, too, is compromised and something else comes along.

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