Saturday, 8 February 2013

By on February 8th, 2014 in Barbara, science kits

09:01 – Barbara stopped by to visit her mom yesterday afternoon. As it turns out, they’re not expecting to release Sankie until Monday. At least Barbara’s replacement phone arrived yesterday. It’s the same model as the one whose screen broke when she dropped it. I swapped in her charged battery and the SIM card, so she now has her old phone number back. Interestingly, she’s going to have to re-enter all her contacts. I assumed they’d be stored on the SIM card in some standardized format, but apparently not.

Kit sales are disturbingly slow, but February is always our slowest month. Slow as sales are, they’re still on track to double over last February’s.

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  1. Peter T says:

    I know on my older Nokia there is a setting to specify where to store contacts; either onb the phone itself, or on the SIM card.

  2. Chuck W says:

    Yeah, and on my old Motorla PEBL, it was a ‘per contact’ setting, so you had to go through the entire contact list and change the setting for each and every one to get them onto the SIM card.

    Time to move up to a Smartphone. All my contacts are backed up at my Gmail account. I have already had to retrieve them, when the helpful customer service at my phone carrier, managed to lose them all in trying to fix something on their screwed-up modified OS. I would root the phone if I were not on an employee’s friends and family plan; he asked me not to root it, because the phone company can tell.

  3. Bob Phillips says:

    I switched carriers and keep the old carrier phone just for the numbers list…

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