Day: February 23, 2014

Sunday, 23 February 2014

10:32 – Today, we’re assembling chemical bags for another three dozen chemistry kits. I was down in the basement binning bottles for the chemical bags and Barbara was taking her shower. Suddenly, I heard scrabbling on the hardwood floor upstairs. Ruh-roh. Colin was on a tear. He runs flat out until he runs into something at top speed–a wall, the sofa, whatever, at which point he reverses course and tears away at top speed again, with his ears back flat and his eyes bugged out. As it happened, the upstairs door to the stairs was open, as was the door from the finished area to the garage area. Colin decided to add downstairs to his route. I heard him thunder down the stairs, run into the wall at the bottom of the stairs, bounce off, hang a left, and come roaring into the basement area. He circled both our vehicles twice at top speed and then headed back toward the stairs, he couldn’t quite make the turn onto the stairs, so he skidded on the concrete floor in the garage, rolled into the carpeted finished area, came back up without a pause, reversed course, and thundered up the stairs, where he continued his tear. A moment later, I heard him thundering down the stairs again, where he repeated his earlier circuit and then headed back up the stairs. As I tried to stay out of his way, I was reminded of those old Western films where the cattle stampede and trample everything in their way.

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