Day: February 3, 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

08:37 – Barbara and Frances are both taking the day off work today to drive down to the hospital in Thomasville and bring their mother back to her apartment at Creekside. They’ve arranged to have home health aides with Sankie around the clock until she gets back on her feet.

I knew it had to happen eventually, but I’m still pissed. I ordered a book for Barbara from yesterday. When the email invoice arrived, it showed they’d charged sales tax. Bastards. North Carolina already collects use tax. There’s a line on the state income tax return where you have to calculate use tax due as a percentage of your adjusted gross income, as well as adding additional use tax for individual purchases over a certain dollar amount. So now North Carolina is double-taxing purchases from vendors outside North Carolina. Bastards.

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