Thursday, 10 January 2013

07:41 – Barbara’s dad may be released from the hospital today. He isn’t fully recovered by any means, but at this point there may not be much the hospital can do for him that couldn’t be done by the home-health nurses at home. I’m concerned that Barbara’s mom may not be able to deal with his behavior, which Barbara has described as “uncooperative”, “grumpy” and “nasty”. Barbara said she’d laid down the law to him, telling him that he’d better cooperate or they’ll pack him off to a nursing home. Maybe that’ll convince him to behave, or so we hope. I asked Barbara yesterday if she thought her dad’s behavior was caused by mental decline or simply frustration at being hospitalized. She said the latter, so perhaps being home will help.

Work on science kits continues.

16 thoughts on “Thursday, 10 January 2013”

  1. We had those issues with my MIL when she was in assisted living. My wife said that she would talk to her. The administrator said: “Don’t bother, there is no behavior modification at her stage.”

    Furthermore, I just rolled 74 and my input systems atrophied. 🙂

  2. Better yet; be like me and never go anywhere. No chance for the buggers to find something to bust you on, for their sheer joy of abusing their puny little powers.

  3. OFD wrote:

    “Math Teacher Arrested Attempting to Board a Flight”

    Yeah, ya gotta watch out for Al-Gebra practitioners. They often move on into dastardly fields like Lebesgue integration and even Galois theory.

  4. I may even consider joining the NRA. I haven’t in the past because I consider them anti-gun, but I suppose half a loaf is better than nothing.

  5. I’m an Endowment Member of the NRA, having been a member for many years now already; there are a couple of other groups that fight harder, mainly because they’re smaller and faster and don’t have our big bags of money. But the NRA in the long run has done more for gun rights in this country than anyone else and has kept things from getting a lot worse. Good people have run the organization and have served on the Board of Directors, and if we had everyone join who does anything at all with firearms we would be unstoppable.

    But y’all’s mileage may vary.

  6. Michael Moore was/is a life member of the NRA. I assumed that he meant “life long”, since his teenage years, but I think he just stumped up the cash to buy membership for life.

    Life membership is sometimes given out by organizations for years of devoted service, but somehow I don’t think that that’s how Moore got his. I could buy life membership of Adelaide zoo for about $2100, but I doubt if that would be a good bet. Probably best just to pay for membership a year at a time.

  7. I understand there is another group, Gun Owners of America, which many people prefer instead of or in addition to the NRA. I understand from hearsay that they are somewhat more radical (in the proper sense of the word), and have less of a “go along to get along” attitude.

  8. Moore is another bullshit rich lefty hypocrite; he was also once a Roman Catholic seminarian. Like Fidel Castro.

    Gun Owners of America are a very worthwhile organization and well worth one’s membership dollars and support; they are a bit more radical than the NRA, and I certainly do not have a problem with that or them, or with Larry Pratt who is a true American patriot and has done yeoman work in the cause.

  9. Hm, about Castro:

    “Castro was baptized and raised a Roman Catholic as a child but did not practice as one. In Oliver Stone’s documentary Comandante, Castro states “I have never been a believer”, and has total conviction that there is only one life.”

  10. But the NRA in the long run has done more for guncivil rights in this country than anyone else and has kept things from getting a lot worse.

    OFD, I agree with all your post above, but humbly suggest this slight modification. The push for gun control started with the desire to keep recently freed slaves in their “place.” In the civil rights era south, there were all black chapters of the NRA formed to buy surplus government rifles.

    Please see this for an example.

  11. Yes, DaveB; I was aware of the disarming/arming of African-Americans over that particular history, and I humbly suggest that the intended targets nowadays have been expanded to include all us Mundanes and to keep us in our place as subjects, rather than sovereign citizens of a free republic.

    @greg in Oz: Castro attended Jesuit schools and the last one he was at was for seminary preparation, whether he actually said later that he never believed or not; and I wouldn’t necessarily rely on the total veracity and accuracy of statements made by various characters in my fellow ‘Nam vet Oliver Stone’s films. Oliver is like unto that proverbial stopped clock: he is right twice a day. The rest of the time he’s in some other dimension.

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