Day: January 25, 2013

Friday, 25 January 2013

07:32 – The weather forecasters say we have a 70% chance of a blizzard today. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain, with accumulations expected to reach a quarter to half an inch (6.35 to 12.7 mm), mostly ice. It’s to start coming down this afternoon and continue through the evening. Schools are letting out early. The high today is to be below freezing, so tomorrow morning is likely to be a mess. At least the brine trucks have been out. They worked all day yesterday. The streets in our neighborhood and presumably the rest of the city are all covered with parallel white streaks of salt.

I’ve been organizing and counting our raw materials inventory for the science kits. As of now, we have most of what we need for another 150 or so kits. With finished-goods inventory we already have on hand, that should be enough to carry us through April or so. I’ll place some small orders soon to fill out the inventory and maybe boost it to 200 kits’ worth, and wait until closer to summer to place the larger orders to prepare for the autumn rush.

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