Day: January 8, 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

07:41 – Science kit sales are running much faster than expected. In the first week of 2013, we sold more kits than in all of January 2012. This may be an anomaly. If not, we’ll not just meet our goal of 500 kits for 2013, we’ll blow through it.

We’re low on stock of all the science kits right now. Barbara and I are working on new batches of 90 chemistry kits, 60 biology kits, and 30 forensic science kits. For the time being, the life science kit is taking a back seat. I just don’t have time to work on it at the moment.

11:45 – I just finished bagging eight sets of chemicals for the CK01A chemistry kits. That was the most I could make with what we had on hand. There are 38 different chemical bottles in a CK01A kit. Current stock status on each of those ranges from (mostly) zero to maybe 60 bottles, so we need to get to work on labeling and filling 60 more sets. Not to mention making up the chemical solutions we need to fill them.

We’re in a bit better shape on biology kits. I have 15 sets of the regulated chemical bags already made up for the BK01 biology kits, and sufficient bottled chemicals to make up 15 sets of the non-regulated chemical bags. Until yesterday, we had four FK01 forensic science kits in stock. They’re still sitting there on the shelf, but they’re spoken for via a pro-forma invoice I issued yesterday to a major New England university. Those four forensic science kits ship as soon as the check arrives. Fortunately, I have enough chemical sets made up to assemble another 15 FK01 kits pretty quickly.

What we lack right now is small parts bags. We have four of those in stock for the chemistry kits, none for the biology kits, and none for the forensic science kits. Fortunately, we have everything we need in stock to build batches of each of those, which we’ll work on over the next few days.

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