Day: January 19, 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

10:59 – This morning, I’m doing laundry and my other usual Saturday tasks while Barbara continues with her annual Deep Clean. She’s working downstairs this morning. This afternoon and tomorrow we’ll do kit stuff. She’s off work Monday for the holiday, but has commitments for most of that day. Right now, she’s building 48 small parts bags for the chemistry kits.

During the relatively slow period through the end of April, I want to focus our kit efforts on getting as much as possible of the labor-intensive stuff complete to make it possible to knock out finished kits quickly during the summer and autumn rush. That’s mostly labeling and filling containers. So, after we finish building all of the kits we can with what’s currently in stock, the next step is to label and fill 60 sets of chemistry kit containers, followed by 30 sets each of biology kit and forensic science kit containers. That gives us some breathing room, which we’ll use to label (but not fill) more sets of containers. In addition to finished goods inventory, I’d like to start July with at least 300 labeled container sets for the chemistry kits, 150 for biology kits, and 90 for forensic science kits, with at least half of them filled.

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