Day: June 26, 2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

08:29 – We just signed a contract to replace the deck. The contractor is booked for the next couple of months, so work isn’t to start until late August.

We finished watching series five of Heartland last night, which brings us up to date. Series six premiers on September 23rd on CBC, which means it won’t be available on DVD until September of 2013. Barbara is going on a week-long bus tour this autumn. She hates to re-watch things, so I’ll take advantage of her absence to have a Heartland Marathon and re-watch all 85 episodes.

I got email this morning from a customer who just received a chemistry kit yesterday. The 250 mL glass beaker was cracked, so I emailed him back and said a replacement would go out today. I can’t be upset at the USPS. So far, fewer than 1% of the kits we’ve shipped have been damaged in transit, and that’s a pretty good record.

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