Day: June 14, 2012

Friday, 15 June 2012

08:02 – As of this morning, we have only 22 biology kits and 19 chemistry kits in stock, albeit with another 30 of each in progress. Not all that long ago, that would have been a comfortable cushion. No longer.

Homeschoolers are now buying materials for the summer session, and it seems to be ramping up. The scary part is that the real ramp-up hasn’t started yet, and won’t until August, when homeschoolers start ordering materials for the autumn semester. So, at this point, we’ll concentrate first on getting the new batch of 30 biology kits and 30 chemistry kits ready to ship. We’ll then build inventory by doing batches of 30 kits at a time, alternating between chemistry and biology kits. Starting mid- to late-July, we’ll add forensics kits to the mix until we have at least 60 of those in inventory by the time the forensics book hits the stores.

10:46 – Barbara’s going to dinner with her parents tonight and then taking her mom to a 7:00 pm appointment to get an MRI. Apparently, they run that machine literally around the clock. That leaves my dinner up to me.

As my long-time readers know, I’m mildly vegetarian. To be precise, I’m an ovo-lacto-fisho-chickeno-beefo-porko-lambo-almost-anything-that-stands-still-or-moveso vegetarian. Oh, yeah, and definitely bacono. But I do eat vegetables, so to my way of thinking that makes me vegetarian. I hasten to add that I am in no sense of the word a humanitarian.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

08:12 – Barbara’s dad is back at home with several broken ribs. While they were at the doctor’s appointment, he tripped and fell to his knees and then forward onto his face. Barbara was terrified, not just because he fell but because he started yelling after the fall. He should have been in a wheelchair or using a walker, of course, but Barbara’s dad is obstinate.

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