Day: June 3, 2012

Sunday, 3 June 2012

08:21 – I rethought my idea of making up items in batches of 120 to 180, because that raises the possibility of having an unbalanced inventory. When it comes time to make up more kits, we might end up with far too many of one item and none of another item. We decided that 30 kits was a convenient batch size, so yesterday we labeled containers for 30 more chemistry kits, which is about 1,500 bottles and packets. Once those are filled, we’ll have sufficient materials to give us about 60 chemistry kits and 60 biology kits in inventory, or at least the items we need to assemble them quickly. At that point, we’ll do a batch of 30 forensics kits, and then alternate among the three kits to continue building inventory through the summer.

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