Friday, 20 April 2012

08:17 – We’re now shipping biology kits.

Right now, getting a biology kit packed for shipping takes longer than doing the same for a chemistry kit. That’s because I know exactly what should be in a chemistry kit, so I can just eyeball it to verify that everything that belongs in the box is in the box. I’m not as familiar with the biology kits yet, so I have to check off each item against a printed list. We’ve made up the first batch of 30 biology kits and checked the contents as we added them to the boxes, so I don’t expect to find anything missing when I tape up a box for shipping, but I’m a firm believer in the measure-twice-cut-once school of thinking.

09:20 – Here’s one of those papers that may be revolutionary [PDF] or may turn out to be just another brick in the wall. Researchers administered Buckminsterfullerene to rats, and were surprised to find that their lifespans were extended by some 90%. As far as I know, this hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet, but when it does I expect a flood of people trying to get their hands on a supply of buckyballs, assuming that instead of living to 90 years old they can live to 171. Don’t rush out to buy any buckyballs quite yet, though. The effect may turn out to be similar in humans, but it’s quite possible there will be no effect or even negative effects.

H/T: Derek Lowe

16:33 – It really, really is time for the United States to withdraw entirely from the United Nations, and to expel the UN from US soil. Really.

12 thoughts on “Friday, 20 April 2012”

  1. I expect a flood of people trying to get their hands on a supply of buckyballs, assuming that instead of living to 90 years old they can live to 171

    That will be bad news for the social security administration.

  2. Geez, and I was already worried about supporting myself until 90 or so.

  3. SS will now simply be paid in grill ash.

    Anyway, it looks like some dodgy figures in the paper. Not definitive evidence for fraud but it gives one pause.

  4. Between cloners, psychologists, and warmingists, my trust in science has been irremediably damaged. From now on, I’m putting my faith in porn. Porn has never lied to me. Porn has never let me down. Well, except for those candid Nancy Pelosi pics, but I don’t like to think about those.

  5. Arglebargle


    I’m not going to whine about the lack of an edit feature, but only because I don’t want to sound like whoever the commenter is that always sounds like Whiny Luke from Star Wars when he whines about editing. The Daynotes frequent commenter whines about editing, that is, not Whiny Luke. Whiny Luke shouldn’t whine about the editing, he should whine about the writing. What drug-addled hack wrote those scripts? And am I the only one who wants to crotch-kick George Lucas for perpetrating Jar-Jar Binks? No, of course I’m not. There’s a cottage industry devoted to hating Jar-Jar. Some guy did an edit of Episode 1 and cut out every shot of Jar-Jar and the entire Journey Through the Center of the Earth misbegotten planet which spawned the Dungbombs or whatever species Jar-Jar was. Though I’ll bet Whiny Luke would have whined about that edit.

    Er, wait. What were we talking about?

  6. Let’s see here, so much going on, so much to think about.

    Yes, we need to have long since gotten the hell outta the UN and tipped that building directly into the East River. Ditto the World Bank, IMF, NATO, SEATO, etc., etc. Can we all just mind our own biz? Trade on a level playing field? Quit worshiping at the dual altars of Moloch and Mammon? Damn, maybe I *did* chew too much of the orange barrel, purple haze, windowpane…

    Living to 150-200? Only if mechanics and brain waves were still going well. And even then I have my doubts as to whether I’d care to hang around this godawful mess more than my allotted three-score and ten or whatever it is now.

    Porn. Nancy Pelosi. Nope. Does not compute. More windowpane.

    Star Wars sucked. And yeah, we should have an editing function here. Or else we shall be forced to type very slowly and carefully all the time. I type fast and have fat fingers on one of them nifty ergonomic keyboards so I often miss my own typos while finding them instantly in everyone else’s. English lit major, you see. So useful.

    Nearly 70 here today, pretty much all week. Odd. Granddaughter’s one-year birthday party this past Wednesday; daughter back to McGill; Mrs. OFD on another gig out in Kalifornia for the week, followed by taking MIL up to Noveau Brunswick the week after, followed by yet another week’s gig in Philly. Then more gigs, usually, in June and July and then she spends August with MIL up there. Maybe I’ll see her again around Thanksgiving. When the gigs dry up every year.

    Time to watch violent crime, war, cop and horror flicks, none of which she will look at. Last night we watched the late Davy Jones and also Peter Noone host a 60s Pop show, followed by Billy Joel and Elton in Tokyo in ’98. Daughter and I watched a PBS documentary about the SF Summer of Love; I got out to that area thanks to Uncle several years after the Summer of Love turned to the Season of the Witch writ large.

  7. I had a little bit of free time, and needing a dedicated Linux machine to continue experimenting with video/audio editing tools, I decided to try installing Virtual Box on my old Asus laptop. Wow. Not sure why I waited. It is one fine piece of work. Get this: I am running Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit on 32-bit Windows XP host.

    My suspicion is that this is going to be far better than dual booting. Thanks to OFD for mentioning his use of Virtual Box so often, or I probably would never have tried it.

  8. Virtual Box works, in my experience thus far, better and more easily than the VMware products, which also cost a lotta money, and if you is an IT drone looking to get certified with their stuff, be prepared to HAVE to take their courses and spend a lot more money.

    I have Delft Linux on my netbook and Red Hat 6.2 on the other desktop, but soon I will be playing with KVM on the RH box to put more instances of it on there. Ubuntu will also run Windows instances, if one wanted them, in VB, and RH on my immediate boss’s laptop runs Windows XP, while one of my colleagues who does firewalls has Windows 7 running on his new laptop under RH.

    See all the neat fun you can have?

  9. SteveF wrote: “Er, wait. What were we talking about?”

    You were comparing the lack of editing to Jar Jar Binks.

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