Wednesday, 18 April 2012

10:46 – I concluded that Netflix wasn’t likely to get the rest of Heartland, so yesterday morning I ordered series 3 on DVD from Amazon for $27. (Paul Jones commented, “Boy, if you’re actually buying the DVD’s, you must really like that show…”)

Shortly after I placed the order, I was looking at our instant queue on my computer, something I rarely do. I discovered that, although Netflix lists streaming availability as Season 1 and Season 2 with a total of 31 episodes, they’re lying. What they have is all 13 episodes of Season 1. They actually have only the first 9 of 18 episodes of Season 2. The names are shown for episodes 10 through 18, but if you try to play one of those you get a pop-up message saying that episode is unavailable for streaming. Rat bastards.

So now I need to get Season 2 as well. The way things are going, I might as well order Season 4 while I’m at it.

12:52 – O’Reilly just sent me the mock-up for the cover of the forensic science book. I think it’s great.