Saturday, 14 April 2012

09:11 – Laundry and science kit stuff for me today. Barbara has yard work. With taxes out of the way, I can get back to re-writing the forensics book.

Our target date for biology kit availability was 18 April, which we’ll meet. I don’t expect to start getting many biology kits orders until maybe a week or two after the book hits the stores, which is late this month or early next. We have 30 biology kits in stock, and the components in inventory we need to build another 30 in a couple of hours. We also have most of what we need to build 30 more chemistry kits. All we lack is a few of the bottled chemicals, and we’ll be filling, labeling, and sealing the last group of those this weekend.

I talked to our letter carrier the other day. Until now, the most I’ve been shipping is one or two kits a day. I told him that with the new book hitting the stores, that number might increase significantly on some days, and asked if that would be a problem for him. He asked how many, and I told him I didn’t really know but it might be five or ten kits on a heavy day and maybe more than that on a very heavy day. He said it’d be no problem at all. We’re near the end of his route, so his truck is normally almost empty when he delivers our mail. He said that if there wasn’t room in his truck he’d take what he could and come back to get the rest or, if necessary, call in to the post office and have them send out an empty truck.