Day: January 31, 2012

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

08:22 – I just filed my North Carolina E-500 Sales Tax report. As always, I deeply resent being forced to function as an unpaid tax collector for the state of North Carolina. North Carolina already has self-reporting of use tax for out-of-state purchases. Why can’t it do the same for sales tax on in-state purchases? This shouldn’t be my problem.

I’m still going through the book session by session, listing what’s to be supplied with the biology kits. Once I get a final bill of materials, I can start generating POs for the components I need to order and then build a prototype kit to figure out what size box we’ll need, how the stuff will be packaged, and so on. Then we can get the first batch of 60 kits actually built.

Meanwhile, I’ll be juggling edits on the biology book with a re-write of the forensics book to make it kit-based.

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