Day: January 5, 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

09:19 – I just shipped the first chemistry kit of the new year, what I hope is the first of many kits we’ll ship this year. In 2011, we just dipped our toes in the water, selling only one type of kit. In 2012, we’ll have several new kits on offer, starting with biology and forensics, and my goal is to sell at least 500 kits in total for the year 2012.

We’ll introduce the biology kits this spring, to correspond with the biology book being published for Maker Faire. Between completing the book at the end of this month and when the book is published, we’ll be putting together a starting inventory of biology kits, but we’ll also be working on the forensics kit and documentation, which we intend to begin shipping at around the same time, in time for summer session and early orders for autumn semester. Over the summer, we’ll be working on writing documentation for and designing an AP Chemistry kit, which should be available this autumn.

At that point, I plan to begin working on “lite” chemistry and biology kits, for homeschool students who won’t go on to major in a hard science in college but need a standard science lab course. Those kits will be designed to offer a less rigorous but still useful exposure to lab science, and will sell for around 75% of the prices of the more comprehensive and rigorous kits. Call it $120 shipped versus $160.

Meanwhile, I’m still shooting images for the vertebrates chapter. I’ve found that using Live View heavily really drains the battery, so I always keep the spare one charged.

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