Independence Day

Happy Birthday USA!

As you celebrate Independence Day today, please take a moment to think about the men and women of our armed forces, past and present, who have willingly risked, and all too often lost, everything to defend our freedom. I worry about America, but there can be nothing very wrong with a country that continues to produce men and women like them.


5 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. I was sent to the store this AM for hot dogs (all beef), buns and potato salad. Nothing non-traditonal for US.

    Happy 4th to all!

  2. That inbred idiot? We have her grandgit and his new twit touring Canada on their friggin’ honeymoon, and our politicians are swooning all over them, and all on the taxpayer’s dime. They can fugg right off, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. You’re too harsh. She’s gorgeous and he’s not as dumb as his father. (Not hard, I know).

  4. Harsh? Not even!

    Yes, he is smarter than his dad, but so are his nona’s Corgis!

    Beauty is a poor reason to use another country’s taxes for your holiday. She might be hot, but she can pay her own way, thank you very much.

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