Sun. June 10, 2018 – time to make the donuts

Woke stiff and sore. No idea why. Can’t really think of what I did to strain myself. Getting old is not for the weak….

86F and humid at 9AM. Yesterday’s overcast helped with the heat, but no such luck today. I really want to get some tweaks made to the garden beds, but I’m not doing it in 100F+ sunshine.

I’ll work on the many other things on the stack 🙂


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Sat. June 9, 2018 – open thread

75F and humid promises another hot sunny humid day. Our other choice is thunderstorms, so I guess I’ll have to take the heat.

I’ve got my non-prepping hobby club meeting this AM and possibly a sale or two, and then more work.

Something ate all my blueberries that were almost ripe. I got ONE berry. Went from 4 bushes getting ready to none over night. Grrr. To rub it in, several people are bringing their excess produce to the pool. I think I’m gonna have to start talking to people to see why none of my stuff grows as well.

Talking to people. IRL. Once started when will it end????!!!!??!


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Fri. June 7, 2018 – finally Friday, oh who am I kidding?

Another week gone in an eyeblink…..

77F and humid, with NOAA putting us right on the edge of a storm system.

Changes in the world and politics continue. Real changes or just window dressing, I don’t know, but change is coming.

What did you do to get ready?


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Thur. June 7, 2018 – more meatspace

Another hot and humid day, 78F and 85%RH to start the morning….

My day will be full of swim team, Rec Association, and then swim meet this evening.

I got my big 42″ fan repaired yesterday, so that will make things a bit more tolerable in the still humid air tonight. Fan was $30, motor was $90 and the rest of the bits and pieces I had laying around. I still need to splash some paint on it, and add one more bit of reinforcement but it’s working now. I wish the $35 motor had been packed better, or that I had one on the shelf, but you don’t always get lucky. Cost new, over $300.

I’ll take the portacool down there too.

Better get the day started…


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Wed. June 6, 2018 – Birthday

Today would have been the 65th anniversary of Robert Bruce Thompson’s birth. He would have been 0x41….

Take a moment, light a candle, say a prayer, help a kid, look up at the night sky, inventory your stored supplies, or just do a page of hard math in a celebration of rational thought.

Miss you Bob.


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Tues. June 5. 2018 – hot, and bothered.

Another hot one in Houston, same as yesterday. I’m gonna post some links to heat injury awareness later today, and some tools for dealing with it.

Kids home today, so I’m hopping trying to get stuff done. Somehow I forgot I’d have them home, and scheduled stuff I shouldn’t have….


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Mon. June 4, 2018 – summer

School’s out so summer must be here!

77F with 80%RH, and hopefully clear.

Swim meet tonight, so rain would postpone that and we want the season to start and END on time.

I think I can confirm that eBay’s algorithm is biased toward frequent listers. I get more sales, even from my back (stale) catalog, when I list frequently. Even if I’m just listing and selling <$20 items. We're in one of those periods where none of my big items are selling, so I decided to list a bunch of cheaper stuff. Money is money, and hopefully the increased sales velocity will result in my bigger items moving too. Kids are home, so my morning routine is out o whack. We'll see how the daddy adapts! n

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Sun. June 3, 2018 – same same same

Hmm. 8:30 and it’s already 86F, but at least the humidity is only 74%.

More work on the rental, more work around here. Spent too much time at the Rec Assn, working on video, and the check in system. Way too much time. I really need to start tracking volunteer hours, but I think I’d be too depressed at the end of the day. Like a budget with money, I should know where my time goes though.

Anyone do a time tracker for your day to day outside of work? I’m pretty sure too much of mine disappears into the internet….


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Sat. June 2, 2018 – even hotter than normal

Wow, 82F and 82%RH at 8am. I think today is gonna be hot 🙂

Get out and enjoy your weather, whether it’s heat, cold, rain, or drizzle. Get that garden going!

And take appropriate precautions for your area, I will be. And breaks. Lots of breaks. Holy cow, lots of breaks.


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Fri. June 1, 2018 – summer and hurricane season are here…

A bit warmer today, with 79F and 87%RH this morning. Clear blue skies and sunny. Ah, summer.

Hurricane season is kicking off here in the Gulf Region (I know, RBT, I know), so it’s time to ramp up the seasonal preps. As I do, I’ll mention it here…. 😉

As an example of the continuing degradation of the public sphere, can anyone here imagine, in your wildest dreams, that someone would call the daughter of the President and a Whitehouse staffer, a “feckless c#nt” on a national TV show?

After [some] public outcry and [some] advertisers bailed, she said ” It was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a line, and I deeply regret it.”

What she means is “I MOVED a line, and next time it will be worse.”

Again, I know I’m ‘doom and gloom’ but think about what it means for our society that stuff like this is happening. Think about the ‘frog boiling’ aspects of it. I can’t see it ending up anywhere nice, and I can’t see it taking very much longer to get there.

Remember, she thought she would be REWARDED by people for what she said. Her staff full of writers did too. As did her Producers.


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