Sat. Aug. 11, 2018 – another week….

80F at 9am, so the inferno is off to a slow start today, but the 80%RH makes up for it in misery.

Tons of stuff to do today. Fall garden to consider, a week of neglect to overcome in the yard and gardens, ongoing cleanup efforts at home and elsewhere, all need my attention today.

Add on sales and yard sale season and I’m a busy boy. So, those are the first two things to get cut today.

We’ll see how much of the rest gets addressed.

What did you do to prep/garden/learn/interact with people this week?


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Fri. Aug. 10, 2018 – prepper fail!

Back in the swamp, I mean Tree City USA, I mean Bayou City, I mean… Houston. 80F at 8am.

So. Prepper fail.

Yep. I left my carry on bag at the house we were staying at. My airline ‘bug out bag’. My ‘get home bag’. I left it. Sitting on the bedroom floor. Didn’t realize until returning the rental car, and that was too late. I’ll get it UPS’d to me next week, but I was NAKED for my flight.

What didn’t I have?

No change of shirts and underwear
No ‘one day’ of meds
No reading glasses
No blow out kit
No boo boo kit
No first responder IDs (CERT, ham radio, Constable’s program)
No snacks or water bottle
No electronics- 2 kindles and a tablet
No chargers or batteries
No noise cancelling headphones
No shortwave radio or dual band ham radio
No backup money, $1000 in cash, 1 oz gold in coins, extra clean credit card
No loyalty cards
No toys for the kids (2x nintendo DS)
No rain jacket

Like I said, NAKED.

And I made it home fine. I was almost caught by irony as there was a hail storm in Houston that could have messed up my travel, exactly the sort of thing my bag is meant to make more tolerable. Imagine that I needed all that crap for once and didn’t have it because I’m an idiot. Fortunately it didn’t.

Home safe, but VERY weird to be on an airplane without the comfort and convenience stuff I’ve become accustom to.

Because I AM a prepper, I did have my ID, money, phone, and FLASHLIGHT. I always carry that on my person. Especially on a plane, you need that base level of stuff on you. DON’T put it in your bag. If you have to get off the plane in a hurry, you won’t be allowed to bring your bag. Then you’ll be sitting in a shelter area without your id, money, or phone.

LEARN from my stupidity! Double check. Even a seasoned traveler can have a lapse.


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Thur. Aug.9, 2018 – beach, then travel

Sunny and clear, 72F.

One last beach visit for the kids, packing, cleaning, etc for the adults.

Evening flight, late arrival home. Gonna be a long day.


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Wed. Aug. 8, 2018 – looks like fish today

Kids want to visit the Shedd Aquarium. It’s been a while for me, so i guess that’s cool.

Cooler and overcast, good for walking…


Added, never hit publish. Looks like maybe Science and Industry instead. You can” do things” there….

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Tues, Aug.7 2018 – the belly of the beast

Sunny, blue sky, 70F here in Coast Guard City USA. Beautiful.

Local knowledge. This is something preppers forget or discount. Not having it could kill you.

Two days ago my host looked at the weather and beach report and declared that no way would we be going to the beach. The wind was from the wrong direction. The water would be muddy with a severe undertow and the waves would batter us. Two people died and 5 more were injured at the beach that day. They were not locals.

I’m headed into Chicago, for family business and to take the kids to a museum. I would not by choice. I’m no longer a local.


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Mon. Aug 6. 2018 – gentle rain

70F and overcast, with a bit of rain and some distant thunder. A far cry from what the weather liars had predicted. It was awesome for Coast Guard week, and they need some rain, so it is all working out for the best. If you count on knowing the National weather, at least in broad strokes, NOAA isn’t trustworthy this year.

The plan for today was to do a little carpentry repair and continue checking out the local amusements but we’ll see if this overcast clears up. The rain has stopped. Maybe I’ll rotate or add to the preps I put on the basement last time.

Which reminds me, do any prepping last week?


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Sun.Aug. 5, 2018 – conflicting lies

78F and overcast. Local forecasts day nice day but humid and hot. NOAA says severe thunderstorms. I guess we’ll see.


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Sat. Aug. 4, 2018 – travel broadens the mind

And the waistline…

This area was settled by the Dutch. Lotta good food to be had.

Blue sky with small puffy clouds, and 68F atm.

I read more when traveling than when home. Just finished Mira Grant’s latest zombie book which is a new look at the events in her previous first book in the Newsflesh series. The series is well written and her SJW tendencies are under control. Somewhere between the last book and this one, she lost control.

Full SJW retard. Never go full retard. Angry lesbian protagonist, “genderfluid” housemate, black soy boy beard. Shots at Republicans, Trump. Even in the last chapter she’s STILL going on about”mis-gendering” the genderfluid. I think I’m done with Lynn’s cousin.

Oh the other hand, the final book in the John Ringo colab with Larry Correia in the Monster Hunter International universe ROCKS!


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Fri. Aug. 3, 2018 – open

Posting from phone sucks. 68F and sunny here today. Yesterday was a nice beach day. Waves were 2-3 feet. Rough surf. Sunny and warm though.

Local attractions today.


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Thur. Aug. 2, 2018 – made it

Arrived safely at my destination with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Currently 75° F, and forecast for rain. Looks nice at the moment, so we’ll see.

TSA was easy, definitely carry a small child if you want to avoid hassle and invasive searches.

Time to feed these small kids….


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