Tues. Nov. 26, 2019 – more to do, but some progress made

Not so cold, and of course, damp. [76F and 97%RH at 9]

I finally got out of the house yesterday to drop my shipping at the post office and do a couple of auction pickups. Lots of buying for myself (stuff from magpul and camping/fishing gear) but also a couple of resale items that should pay for all the rest and more.

Today’s pickup is just resale, and I’m going to try for a local flip using my wife’s FB trading group. I’ll let you know how that goes… Still not ready to get on FB myownself…

In completely other news, when did this happen?




I for one welcome our robot overlords.

And like Christmas lights and wallpaper, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself.


Mon. Nov. 25, 2019 – home all week, with kids

cool and damp. [64F and 99%RH at 9]

Yesterday was nicely cool during the day. I wore a sweatshirt with my shorts. Good working weather.

Kids decided they wanted to have a couple of friends over for a sleepover so I ended up making dinner, and then we had a fire in the pit. They made s’mores and I made a cherry hobo pie. Good stuff. This morning will be pancakes or waffles with sausage and maybe eggs for my wife.

I worked in the garage and driveway most of the afternoon but you couldn’t tell by looking. I actually did make progress, but there is still a long slog ahead.

In the process of digging out one corner of the garage I found some stuff I’d misplaced, so that was good. Found the item I sold on ebay, and got that ready to ship. Sometimes I’m selling items that are more than a year old. Sometimes I have a hard time finding them when they do finally sell. Fortunately I remembered where this one was and got it right out. I tend to ‘clump’ things. I may not remember exactly where an item or tool or supply is, but I know where I stack those sorts of things and that usually narrows it down.

I’ve got several pickups today, so hopefully my wife will find something to do with the kids while I’m out. And I hope it’s not throwing out my stuff…..

I better get to it.


Sun. Nov. 24, 2019 – stayed up too late

Cold and damp. Of course. [40s and saturated, but sunny! so basically nice fall weather]

Watching youtube and listening to the shortwave playing music, and stayed up long past my bedtime. Gonna be a weary day today.

I did get a couple of things done yesterday, but nothing major on the list. I did get the food rotated to and from the secondary, at least for the small amount I just bought. One case baked beans, one case corn, one partial case peas, one bottle kids multivitamin, one shrink wrap bunch of canned chicken from Costco, and a bucket of rice. I didn’t bring bulk rice home. It was a one for one swap though. I’ve been buying the same stuff for years. Also took a case of Mountain House, mixed meals, and a package of starbucks instant, and one case of instant oatmeal packets. Oh, and a bottle of dishsoap.

I identified a bunch more stuff to take to auction. And a couple of things I’ll list on ebay.

Of course I bought some auction stuff too. I won a bunch of bids for supplies and parts to feed or build some things. For some reason, one of the auctions has a bunch of magpul in damaged boxes. Works for me… and you never know what’s going to come out of the drawers or safes at an estate sale. I’ll either flip it, or buy something to use it with…

And now to get back to work.


Sat. Nov. 23, 2019 – sleeping in, then……work.

Cooler, and hopefully no rain. Yesterday threatened rain all day and in all the places I went. The sun finally broke through late in the day. I’m hoping for better weather today, but your guess is as good as mine. [51F and 89%RH at 9am, 61F at 11am, sunny]

Mom’s PC got here, so I have to get that sorted out and back to her, but I won’t waste any nice day on it. I’ll fight that demon after dark. No way she needs it before Tgiving anyway. (I can leave it off the network if I have it locally, and prevent any background updating. Maybe get the pagefile sorted out, as I suspect the disk is full and can’t page properly.)

As I’ve noted before, I’m seized with the feeling that time is short. So many pieces are in motion in ways that they haven’t been for decades. So I put some more cans on the shelf and bought another 50# of rice. About 40# fits in a five gallon bucket, so that’s something to consider, even if 50# is cheaper than 40. You might want to buy 2 bags of 20# if you can fit the entire contents into one bucket. It’s kinda like my feeling on #10 cans. No way we can eat a whole can before it goes bad, so I buy normal cans of food. I’d rather pay more per ounce, and use it all than get a deal on the big can but waste it. It also helps me with spoilage to only have smaller cans at risk. Something to consider for your own situation. Another example is the “bachelor” size (single serving) cans. I bought them when I was single, because I wouldn’t even eat a whole 12 – 16 oz can and the smaller cans meant less waste, even though the per ounce cost was higher. For $/oz actually eaten, they were a better deal.

One of the things I’m hoping to do today involves rotating some new cans to my secondary site, and bringing some of those 4 year old cans to the house. And taking the new bucket of rice to the secondary site. It occurs to me that while I’ve got lots of water storage there, I don’t have a potable water hose, or a sediment filter there. I should probably got that set up over there too. And maybe rotate out the fuel I have stored there too. Wouldn’t hurt to have some other ‘supplies’ there as well, but I don’t have a real secure place for them. Off-books supplies shouldn’t be stored with on-books supplies, or what’s the point? It’s always something.

Anything “sticky” in the med kits needs to be checked and replaced as needed. Some loses the sticky, some gets extra sticky. Age and heat (like a car kit) are killers for the sticky and other soft plastics. It’s been a while since I went through the kits.

In meatspace I’m signed up to learn a whole bunch more about how our school district works. Everything the district does impacts my kids directly or indirectly. And even though I think bad times are already started, and will only get worse, I also live as if the future won’t be horrible. So while I’m working on backup food, heat, water, and security, I’m also looking at where the kids will be in school in several years…. under the assumption that history shows us that things mostly stay the same (until they suddenly don’t.) The ‘suddenly don’t’ might not come in my lifetime, and I have to be prepping for that too.

So what have you guys done this week?


Fri. Nov. 22, 2019 – here comes the holidays…

warm-ish and damp. [71F and 99%RH]

Got a couple more things done yesterday, but still not cranking through them. Today I have to fix the dishwasher… again. Someone pushed the tray back in, when something was sticking out the bottom, and broke the spinning water spray thingy. So not a wear item or a failure, but damage. No one will cop to it, which could mean the cleaning people. In any case, the part was cheap and I think it’s only 2 screws holding it in place. The food on the plates has been in the warm and moist washer for 3 days though….

Another week has blazed by. Kids and wife are home next week, so I don’t know how much I’ll get done anyway. Can’t really afford to not keep plugging away at the pile. But I’ll be doing some cooking and probably some special shopping too. Once we get through Thanksgiving, it’s downhill to the end of the year. FFS, this one only started a couple of months ago… or so it seems.

That means that today is my last free day for more than a week. I better use it.


Thur. Nov. 21, 2019 – got a few things done, more to do

Warm, damp. Rain on the way? [71F and 96%RH]

It never did rain yesterday but it threatened locally most of the day.

I got another thing ready to list which took way longer than it should have but it’s done and ready. While I was working in that part of the driveway, I finished up the paint on the window AC unit I saved from the trash a month or more ago. In the afternoon I sold an item on ebay. Funny, that I’d done a new listing, then I had a sale… My local auction finished and I’m $335 richer. Not as much as I’d hoped, but that’s a couple of pallets gone. Did some hustling and sold a couple items I picked up locally to locals, mainly one of my neighbors, and my gun store buddy.

I’m feeling very short time. And short money. Feels good to be making progress no matter how small.

So that’s the thought for the day. Incrementalism. Make it work for you.


Wed. Nov. 20, 2019 – not quite time to start baking

Cool again, and damp. With rain in the forecast.

Lots more messing around today, and I better start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. Need to avoid the rush…

And on a personal note, my ‘cold’ or whatever is developing a cough. Most of the day it’s fine, but gets worse at night. Not getting much up, but the itchy feeling in the throat is unpleasant.

I’m trying to get a little extra sleep but that isn’t working out too well.

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Too much to do to be sick.


Tues. Nov. 19, 2019 – the wheel turns

cold-ish, and damp. [46F and 99%RH]

It was nice yesterday by the time the sun was up for a few hours. A bit chilly in shirtsleeves, but crystal clear blue sky and mild breezes.

I managed to get my new roof rack installed on my Expedition. Finally. Now I need to do a few little finishing touches. No idea why I needed a rack, but one came available that matched what I had in my mind, and now it’s installed. Sometimes I just follow my gut.

I had hoped that my small flurry of ebay sales was a harbinger of change. Not so much. The funny thing is, my craigslist items have not gotten so much as a spam response. My wife says I might have to set up a fb account and get into the local trading pages. I REALLY don’t want to do that. If I do, I’ll use a sanitized lappy just for that. F Zuckerpig.

I think I better start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner too. It’s coming soon. Turkeys are finally on sale at 68c/pound. I’m thinking of smoking one this year. It makes for a long day but a delicious result.

Life, keeps happening.


(and that’s a good thing)

Mon. Nov.18, 2019 – another week to go, then the rush to the end

Cold. Damp. [47F and 99%RH, possibly]

I did get some stuff done yesterday. Beautiful weather for outdoor work. Bright overcast, shirt sleeves temps, not dripping wet.

I cut the grass and leaves, blew the debris, cleaned up some corners of the yard. I refilled the fish pond. Then I washed my Expedition. That took a few hours. I ended up scraping every inch with a credit card to get the pine sap and road tar off. I started out to just get the sap off the roof before I install my rack, since it will eat the paint, and I won’t be able to easily get to it after the rack goes on.

Well…. that took a bit, and I ended up doing the same treatment to the whole vehicle when I saw how damaged the paint on the roof was getting. I only wash the vehicles a few times a year so I was due. Perfect light and temps to wash a vehicle, but DANG that thing is big.


Apparently some celebrities were in town at our local mega-church. I was listening to the scanner when the event ended. Nothing much to hear, but our Special Response Group was out there working, and LOTS of other cops too. Wonder who paid for all that?


In other news, the Secret Service Threat Assessment Center released a report about “Targeted School Violence” that is worth a read if the subject interests you, or you end up debating gun control would-be tyrants. https://www.secretservice.gov/data/protection/ntac/usss-analysis-of-targeted-school-violence.pdf At least read the Executive Summary. They admit that outside law enforcement really can’t respond and that it has to be addressed before it starts. Their recommendation is essentially closely evaluating kids and deciding if there are causes for concern, and then DOING SOMETHING to help the kid. That sounds awesome, except for all the surveillance, investigation, data gathering, and dossiers.

And then, you actually have to do something, and it has to be effective…

“Four attackers in this study (11%) were referred to their school’s threat assessment team prior to their attack. In each of these four cases, a student or teacher at the school reported to someone in a position of authority that the attacker had made a direct threat toward classmates or school staff”

In the first 4 cases, the teams either didn’t think the threat merited investigation, or thought the threat minimal. For the kid who was referred a second time, they took it seriously enough to expel him for 3 weeks, but let him BACK IN for the next semester. All 4 kids went on to attack their school within a year or two.

Bullying or being bullied is another indicator/precursor the just doesn’t get addressed….

“WHO KNEW ABOUT THE BULLYING: From case-to-case, there were differences among who was aware of the bullying
experienced by the attacker. In almost half of the cases (n = 16, 46%), at least one of the attacker’s parents was
aware that their child experienced bullying. In 16 cases (46%) a classmate was aware, and in 12 cases (34%) a school
official was aware. In five cases (14%), there was evidence that all three groups knew that bullying was taking place”

Go and read the whole thing if you’re interested. It’s a big bucket of fail.


With that cheery thought, I’m getting ready to send my kids out the door and start my day.


Sun. Nov. 17, 2019 – headed toward the end of the year…

Cold again. And damp. [[41jF and 99%RH at 8am]

Spent yesterday morning doing a couple of pickups. Then an hour of tech support for my mom (unsuccessful- anyone know why quicken2017 wouldn’t install on a D drive from a cd in a USB external drive labeled E?) followed by a trip to the theatre downtown for a modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Venue is posted 30.06 and 30.07, so no carry there. Felt naked but at least we parked in the adjacent structure. No pat down or wanding, but it was properly marked. Had an armed off=duty HPD officer in the lobby. Getting out of the venue in a hurry would be a nightmare.

Since I couldn’t carry I doubled up on med supplies, and added a TQ to my booboo kit. It all seems like crazy overkill until it doesn’t…

I’m going to try to get some stuff done today. The week of volunteering has put me behind in my normal shopping. I should have picked up dog food, and made a Costco run last week. I did add 24 cans of beans and 8 cans of greens… and learned that you can improve the texture and flavor of expired waffle mix by adding baking powder, but it still isn’t right. Tastes ok if you’re hungry but it isn’t the light and delicious normal result. Fortunately it is very cheap.

I’m definitely coming down with something. Scratchy throat, stuffy head, sore eyes… headache on Wed and Thur. Started in on the Airborne…

and now, stuff to do. No rest for the wicked.