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Mon. Nov. 21, 2022 – got more stuff to do before I can do the other stuff…

Cold and damp.  Maybe wet.  It was 47F and raining when I went to bed, and it will probably be the same  this A.M.   The rain started in the evening and continued past midnight.  It was a very slow, light drizzle.

I slept late yesterday and messed around the rest of the day.  I did get a little bit of stuff sorted, but mostly I wasted time on the internet with my friends.   Then I watched some repair and maker videos.  What a dreary day.

Today I’ve got stuff to do.  My wife is working, so her plan is to shop for Thanksgiving dinner later, and head up on Tuesday.  Since I’ve got the kids today, I’ll be running errands, doing a pickup, and then NOT heading up the the BOL.  I guess we’ll do that together on Tuesday.   We’ll see how it all shakes out.  She’s taking Tuesday off, but will work from home at the BOL on Wednesday.

I need more PEX, some other stuff, and to load up the truck.

But if it’s raining I am not sure what I’ll actually get to.   Ah well, flexibility.  Right?

Stack something, even if it’s only IOUs to yourself.


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Wed. Nov. 2, 2022 – keep trying, and eventually, you will succeed

Cool and damp, but hoping for clear and drying later.  I’ve got stuff to do outdoors.   So we’ll see what happens.

Didn’t get done yesterday what needed to get done, so all that remained got shifted to today.

We’ll see about today.

Super short post today, I’ll make it up to y’all.



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Wed. Oct. 26, 2022 – gah, plans. Just a way for the universe to stomp you…

Cooler and damp, overcast clearing later.   Maybe.   It was partly sunny for most of yesterday but then the temp started to drop.  Wind shifted too.   It was 57F at about 10pm.   Today should be similar.

I spent most of the day not moving much, sitting in my chair.   I did something to my back while making breakfast, and I could barely take  a deep breath.   Normally that would work it’s way out, or I’d find a way to release the pinch, but I didn’t and it didn’t.

I put some groceries away, and poked at a broken TV, but mainly just sat.   In retrospect, I should have just bitten the bullet and had a lie down.

Today will need to have some stuff get accomplished, no matter the weather or my back.   Hopefully I’ll be up for it.

Short shrift, so OPEN THREAD!

Stack something.   And lots of it.


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Fri. Oct. 7, 2022 – back and forth

Cool, damp, then sunny and hot.  Excellent weather.  Kinda dry though, lake is lower still.

Spent most of the morning messing around on small things while waiting for the foundation guy.   Then spent a while with him.  Eventually started knocking down a few smaller jobs.   Didn’t want to get into a big project, and it was too late in the day to get up in the attic.

But I did get a few things off the list, just not high priority things.  I like to have some small things to fill in around the bigger stuff.

Had my fire and drink while waiting for my family to get here.   They ended up getting here super late.  They had stuff to do before leaving town, I guess.   80M had a bunch of stations, 40 was crowded but mostly local (region 5) and there were a bunch of shortwave stations in the upper 9Mhz band.  SO much more activity than I hear in Houston.  I really like spinning the dial when I can hear so much.

Today I’m going to do a couple of clean up things, then head to Houston.  I’ve got ebay shipping to do, and a couple of auction items to pick up.  I’ll be very happy to have a high speed connection for a few hours.  Then my non-prepping hobby meeting Saturday morning, and back to the lake later in the day.

I’ll take some trash home with me, and bring a couple more things back up to stack up here.

Even if you don’t have a BOL, find somewhere offsite to stack some stuff.   Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.   Stack some baskets!


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Fri. Aug. 2, 2022 – busy as a beaver, that’s me

Hot and humid.  Yeah, really.  I know, you think I’m kidding but I’m not!  Highest I saw it yesterday was 92F in the shade, but it might have exceeded that in the sunnier areas.   Not much breeze either.   Fortunately  it was overcast with spotty drizzle for much of the day.

Got the power undergrounded, and a new panel in place.  We thought the co-op had screwed us up by not replacing the pole ahead of time, but it actually saved us time when they stuck around to do the reconnect.  4 hrs total, and I got a trench dug for my LP gas line.   Still need to upgrade all the branch circuits, and do something proper to supply the outbuildings and the dock, but at least the burnt stuff is gone, and I can turn off the house without pulling the meter.

Today I think I’ll get the gas line in the trench, and maybe do some plumbing.   There’s a lot on the list, I’m sure I’ll find something…

Stack some spare parts, or supplies for the project you know you need to do.   You’ll be glad you did.


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Sat. Aug. 27, 2022 – day two out of the house…

Hot and muggy, with a side of damp.   It was noticeably cooler yesterday than last week, and it’s been getting below 80F at night.   I’m gonna say that Fall is coming.   But it ain’t here yet.   Still hot and humid.

Did my show yesterday.  Loaded in and set up in the morning, actually sold some stuff right away, and hope to sell some more.   The big stuff that I really wanted to move hasn’t moved yet.   Several interested parties for one item, but I’m having trouble finding a fair price.  Very few comps online.

Today I’m bringing another bin of stuff I pulled out of my office last night.   Could pull more besides but it got late.  Maybe for Sunday morning I’ll have time to pull some more.

Meatspace.  It’s important, even if it goes against your basic nature.   I am not outgoing by nature.  I’ve worked hard over the years to develop the persona that can just chat with random strangers, and initiate contact with them.   It’s a skill that can be learned and improved.   I think it’s worth spending time doing so, as in person  interaction is very important and probably will become even more so in the next few years.  Being likable, open, and friendly has  helped me tremendously personally and professionally.   It’s hard work, but it pays off.

Stack some skills.   And some network.  They’ll help.


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Fri. Aug. 26, 2022 – loading in, busy all day

Hot and humid, again.   Hopefully no rain though.  I’ve got a bunch of people that will be unloading at the hotel ballroom, and rain will bork that right up.

Speaking of which, I spent most of yesterday getting stuff together and loaded.  I still haven’t found some things I’m looking for.  No idea where they may be.

Today I’ll be heading out shortly after getting the kids out the door.   I’ve got a few things left to load, and a couple of coolers of ice water and gatoraid to get together.  Then it’s off to work.

It’ll be hot until we get the loading door closed.   But many hands should make light work.

Meatspace.   Get you some.



(and stack something, like friends)

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Mon. Aug. 1, 2022 – busy as a one armed paper hanger

Hot and humid, back to Houston style… I’m sure it is hotter here than there.

Interesting view of the moon last night, horned moon, and against a clear electric blue sky.  Really blue, but only for a few moments.

Pack is all back together.   I’ve got the kids all day, so I’m probably home most of it.   Although I might get out to do a quick pickup or two.

I did get some real work done at the BOL.   We are currently down to one bathroom we can only use sparingly…  but I don’t see any show stoppers for getting the master bath back up and running.   The missing toilet flange looks like it will be straightforward to replace with a repair kit I already have up there.   The plumbing all needs to be redone.  Par for the course.  Even copper pipe needs to be replaced after nearly 50 years, especially if there are issues with the water, or you’ve mixed metals in the system.   The galvanized nipples are all completely shot where they join brass Ts.  And some of the brass Ts have pinholes too.  At least replacing it with pex is easy.  I don’t trust the longevity, especially of the sharkbite push on connections, but it’s easy.  And it will outlive me in all likelihood.

That is one thing I keep reminding myself, all the corners the old man cut, and all the decisions he made, all the dubious choices, lasted longer than HE needed them to.  They had a lifetime warranty 🙂

I hope my choices last for 50 years.

Wednesday’s meetings with the new contractors and the septic guy will set the tone for the next few months.   I hope we can get going on the big items.   It’s nice to drink coffee on the dock in the mornings, but not having septic  or solid power and water means it’s not ready for use, and that isn’t good.

Stack all the things.   You’ll need them and more…


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