Sunday, 16 July 2017

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11:06 – It was 70.0F (21C) when I took Colin out at 0720, sunny and cloudless.

Frances and Al came up Friday morning, stayed the night, and attended yesterday’s auction of Bonnie’s house and its contents. There were a lot of people at the auction, with cars parked up and down Macedonia Church Road, including along the front edge of our property.

The house and 0.6 acre it sits on sold for $67,000, which was more than I expected. (It’s tiny; more a cottage than a house.) Barbara called as they were auctioning the house itself. As I headed out our front door, I heard the auctioneer calling $67,000 for the final time. I walked on up to the house and greeted several of our neighbors and other local folks we know.

We’d been very concerned that the house would be bought by someone undesirable or, just as bad, someone who was buying it to rent out. We were hoping for a nice young couple, a nice retired couple, or perhaps weekenders from down in the Triad.

As it turned out, we couldn’t have hoped for better. It was bought by a couple who owns a cattle farm across US21 from us. They’re going to rent it, but that’s fine with us. The renter will be their niece (or daughter; Barbara heard daughter and I heard niece). She’ll probably be there indefinitely, and the new owners assured us that they’d never rent it to anyone undesirable. They no more want trash living in the neighborhood than we do. And Kim, the wife, assured us that the house would always look as good as it does now, if not better.

Our new neighbor is their daughter (or niece), Grace. She’s about 22 and just graduated from UNC/ECU in Greenville, where she’s kept her college apartment while looking for a job. She found a job, here, as a teacher at Sparta Elementary, and will be moving in in the next couple of weeks.

So now instead of referring to it as “Bonnie’s house” we’re training ourselves to refer to it as “Grace’s house”.

Email from Kathy overnight. While Mike was building shelves yesterday, she got started on repackaging the 400 pounds of flour they bought. The LDS foil-laminate bags and oxygen absorbers hadn’t arrived yet, so she decided to do a first-pass repackaging using her Foodsaver vacuum sealer. Once the LDS stuff arrives, she’ll enclose each of those inner bags in a Mylar bag with oxygen absorber. That’ll make the Mylar bagging go much, much faster, although flour will still make a mess with the vacuum sealer. Just less of a mess than trying to bag it directly into the Mylar bags.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Picked up my water barrels yesterday. Turns out I somehow doubled them in my brain. Both the ones I already have, and the 2 new ones are identical to the ones I linked. In other words, 100L. When I get the new ones installed, I’ll have 400 L in stainless tanks. I still have the 120gallon tank, and in a pinch the 2 55 gallon rain barrels. I’ve got aquatainers and bottles too. I’m firmly of the belief that you can’t have TOO much water stored. 3 days without city water convinced me of that during Ike.

    Projects continue around the house and yard. I have the bug spray for my citrus and apple trees, just waiting for 2 rain free days to apply it. I realize I need to stock up more of that type of stuff if I’m gonna be serious about growing it.

    Don’t have the new video doorbell working as advertised yet. The setup failed with my android app, and I think that’s the root of the problem. I need to try with the wife’s iphone. If I get it working, I’ll link it. It has a feature none of the others have, if it works, in that you can link it to a NVR like a regular camera. This means that even if their cloud service goes away or decides to start charging, you still have access to the cam. It also means access entirely thru my local net, which I can keep up during power outages.

    Hit a couple sales yesterday. One had everything you needed for your camp kitchen- RARE and vintage 3 burner coleman stove, gas bottle lantern, and liquid fuel coleman lantern, plus 3 @ 5gallon water jugs. Prices were a bit high for me, so I left them for the next guy. Did get a swedish fixed blade sheath knife, $7, vintage, possibly mora based on shape. Need to look at it more and get it tuned up.

    Got some hobby stuff, and went to my storage to scrap out some stuff. Spent a few hours there. I’ve been very neglectful and let stuff pile up. I need the space so I’ve got some work ahead of me.

    I’ve been tracking the accuracy and usefulness of the national weather forecast map that my daily FEMA newsletter includes. It’s been pretty much spot on for Houston. The secret is that it doesn’t have a great deal of detail, and they are currently only forecasting one day out. Even when it was 3 days they were right more often than not. It’s enough for my purposes.

    Currently 90F with 70%RH and partly cloudy. Supposed to get Tstorms and 1 ” rain later today, so I better get moving.


  2. dkreck says:

    Peeps have too much faith in these video systems and of course the advertisers make it look all so easy. Good if you’re in the house and want to see what’s happening outside. Not much good if you’re away and watching on your phone. Going to pick that guy wearing a hoodie and dark glasses out of a line-up?
    I’m relying on Snuggs, my 95lb german shepherd. Kind of a puss but hates strangers and has a look and a bark to scare the hs out of anyone. (yeah I do have some cams)

  3. Dave Hardy says:

    75 w/sun and blue skies. Possible violent t-storm/s tomorrow afternoon, supposedly.

    On the back porch and yard chores and fiddling w/car stuff again.

    Wife got two more nasty spider bites overnight; she gets them and I don’t, so far. Had her apply witch hazel and take aspirin and Benadryl. I appreciate that spiders trap and kill a bunch of other bugs, but I find their webs a real PITA eyesore and am constantly sweeping them off the ceilings and corners inside and out on the porch.

    Overheard wife and GG commiserating on the phone about something else tRump either said or did yesterday but I try to avoid all such conversation these days. It’s enough that 2A stuff is relaxing WRT the ATF and WRT to various states and constitutional carry, and that, as we know, things could be a LOT worse. If the fems wanna piss and moan about whatever the MSM and their FaceCrack memes are “reporting,” then so be it.

    I note also that our local rag of record gets almost all its national political stories via the WAPO, which is a bought-and-sold CIA front organ, i.e., deep state agitprop. May as well add the Boston Glob and the NYT to that short list.

  4. nick flandrey says:

    For me, the wife authorized the purchase with the ‘video doorbell’ as the app. That was my excuse to add an eye level cam to the front door. Already have 4 cams that cover the front of the house, but no good facial shots. People are not walking around my neighborhood with hoodies on. Even if hat and glasses, you’re a lot better off with a straight on shot, than video of the top of his head.

    Cameras and recorders by themselves only provide evidence after the fact. Cameras linked to some sort of real time reporting can provide alerting as well as documentation. The better image you get, the more valuable the documentation is.

    Having reviewed 8 hours of vid for a neighbor, I am going to add a couple more options to my coverage, and widen the area covered, especially my night vision options.

    Sitting at my desk, it’s great to be able to instantly switch to the cam monitoring page when the dog starts barking, or the rumble of a diesel engine stays audible for too long…


  5. nick flandrey says:

    “Going to pick that guy wearing a hoodie and dark glasses out of a line-up?”

    As I’ve reported here before, YES.

    If the crime is serious, you personally don’t have to anyway. The cops do the investigating. They will bust the guy based on his shoes, the unique wear pattern of his jeans, his walk, etc. There are a whole bunch of things that ‘fingerprint’ an image of a person for the cops. Try robbing a gun store and see if the hoodie keeps you from being identified (hint- it doesn’t)


    ADDED watching the video of overnight, there were a couple times vehicles cruised our cul-de-sac. They were not the local constabulary either. That alone is worth being aware of….

  6. MrAtoz says:

    Overheard wife and GG commiserating on the phone about something else tRump either said or did yesterday but I try to avoid all such conversation these days.

    I don’t like President tRump. I love him! Exactly for making Prog lives miserable, not necessarily Mrs. OFD, though. He’s singlehandedly disrupting the Redumblican and Dumbocrat agenda. I hope he gets reelected for four more years of disruption.

    I also read McCain is having some surgery so trumpCare is delayed. I wonder if McCain is using his ObamaCare policy? lol, right! OdooshCare is for the low life scum of the FUSA.

  7. DadCooks says:

    @nick, I seem to have missed if you mentioned what video doorbell you bought. Would you please enlighten me, thanks.

    I have been following the products by Ring to add a video doorbell and possibly their floodlight cam. Currently using a mix of several different perimeter cams that are less than 720p and limited night vision. I want to setup a system of all like products so I am not running 3 different apps.

    Ring appears to be upgrading all their products to 1080p, which I now consider a base resolution, and I am also looking for at least 65-feet of IR and 30fps or more.

  8. Dave Hardy says:

    “Try robbing a gun store and see if the hoodie keeps you from being identified (hint- it doesn’t)”

    Never mind robbing a store; just going in to buy a burner phone, and you may not want that image examined very closely later. Besides the hoodie, you gotta change yer walk and posture (someone my height should slouch a lot), wear fake glasses, change the hair, assuming you’re not a Baldy, wear clothes out of the ordinary, including loud-ass stuff like a Hawaiian shirt and red plaid shorts. “Burner” uniforms for activities like this are also useful.

    Haven’t even gotten around to doing the camera thing here yet; all we have are solar-powered motion-detector lights and I still have to finish the rear perimeter fencing and wiring. I do have, however, a camera kit up in the attic that I’ll try out when I can get a round tuit, maybe hooked up to a RaspberryPI “server.” And that I can check remotely from anywhere in the world. I agree with Mr. nick on the eye-level stuff for the door entries, though. And it’s nice to have a barky dawg of whatever size; when our current golden retriever nitwit finally checks out, I told wife, no more hairy mutts here. I am so tired of cleaning up dawg hair by the bushel every year and it can’t be helping our allergies.

    I’m thinking a Malinois (Belgian shepherd) at some point.

    Wife is feeling much better after the witch hazel and Benadryl treatment for two nasty spider bites; but the Benadryl has knocked her out. She didn’t get much sleep overnight thanks to the maddening itch, and not only at the bite site but also scalp and elsewhere.

    A prepper wake-up call; before SHTF, consider what kinds of damn bugs are in yer AO and what they’re like w/o insecticide available.

  9. Dave Hardy says:

    ” He’s singlehandedly disrupting the Redumblican and Dumbocrat agenda. I hope he gets reelected for four more years of disruption.”

    You’re right, MrAtoz; I keep forgetting that point; another reason (besides 2A) to enjoy this Administration is how they’re making the SJW and prog and RINO contingents utterly miserable. Like Mr. nick said once, I want to wash my truck with their tears. And I don’t even have a truck anymore but I’d buy one just for this purpose alone.

    The only thing besides him getting re-elected (and hopefully no more wars) that would frost my cake is if one or both Clintons croak, along with McNutter and Plastic-Face and Harry Reid. Also the senior Bush; hey bud, thanks for your Good War service, I guess, now piss off. If BOTH Clintons croak, I may actually swoon. (or have a simultaneous stroke and haht attack myself from the excitement).

  10. nick flandrey says:


    I’d avoid the ring and similar products for now. They are completely dependent on the ‘cloud’ with NO local network access. That’s why I went with this particular one, it uses their proprietary app and cloud for ‘doorbell function’ but (in theory) has an Onvif profile and video is available locally thru built in web server. I have been waiting for that, as I want the video to feed my NVR. The one I finally got (as it just became available) is from Clare, clarecontrols It’s semi-pro or prosumer quality. They sell a lot of security stuff and some home automation. I don’t know anything more about them.

    As I said, it only got partly config’d and while I can see it from their app, I don’t see it on MY network at all. Which shouldn’t be possible.

    Things I like- install was easy. Replaces doorbell.
    – is supposed to be available on local network, and thru any compliant app

    Things I don’t like- no relay to control a door strike
    – no wired net option – uses wifi
    -no poe -uses your ac voltage at the door bell.

    These are actually plusses for most people but as a pro, I want some more ‘installer’ features.


    ADDED- there are at least 2 pro level products that do all the things I want, but they end up over $1K. There is a chinese doorbell that CLAIMS to do all those things but actually doesn’t and might have bankrupted their US importer and retailer.

    ADDED- all the doorbell products I’ve tried have App and config issues, as at root they are china junk.

  11. nick flandrey says:

    Should add that I’m running the open ISpy software for my NVR


  12. Ray Thompson says:

    they’d never rent it to anyone undesirable

    May not be an option. Deny renting to someone and they can file a complaint, especially if they are a minority or black, with the government claiming that the owner is renting based on ethnic background or skin color. Then the government will force the owners to rent, probably at a discount, and get the owner’s fined.

    Friends of ours in a nice neighborhood in San Antonio were significantly miffed when the the government forced some owners of rental property in their neighborhood to rent to some of the lower forms of life. It was not long until the yard was overgrown, littered with trash, half a dozen vehicles parked in the driveway, window screens hanging loose, garage door broken, loud music and shirtless people hanging out on the property smoking and drinking beer (with cans tossed in the yard). Typical section 8 crap.

    What really pissed the property owners off was that every little detail in the house had to be fixed before it could be rented to the section 8 losers. Who subsequently trashed it anyway.

    Across from my MIL was another section 8 family that was forced upon the property owner. MIL’s neighborhood is on the lower end of the economic scale so the houses aren’t that great. When the section 8 people moved out the owner of the home discovered all the plumbing (it was copper) had been removed and all the copper wiring had been ripped out of the walls. Major chunks of sheet rock damaged. Even the A/C unit had been stolen. Tens of thousands of dollars in damage. HUD told the home owner, tough, not our problem.

  13. Dave Hardy says:

    Again, peeps need to ID the entities responsible for enabling this sort of thing in their town and city neighborhoods and make life miserable for THEM. A thousand ways that can be done; any decent google DuckDuckGo search will come up with all sorts of ideas. I used to get a kick out of two thin paperback volumes from long ago and probably still in-print: “Techniques of Harassment: Volumes One and Two.”

  14. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    As far as rentals, that won’t be an issue up here.

  15. Ray Thompson says:

    Returned the keyboard to Best Buy. I did not want silver but instead opted for the black keyboard.

    Best Buy accepted the keyboard as return giving me a credit for the cost of the keyboard. Purchased the replacement keyboard, exact same cost. But somehow Best Buy now owes me a penny and provided a return on my credit card. Apparently their tax calculations are slightly different depending on a return or a sale. An exchange for identically priced products should not result in a price difference. Incompetence on the part of the POS (Point of Sale, Piece of Shit, take your choice) IT idiots.

  16. nick flandrey says:

    Incompetence on the part of the POS

    Or malice. Maybe they are chiseling a penny here and a penny there….

    I stayed at a hotel that had the room service cash system programmed a couple of percentage points higher than listed prices. Since they auto added a percentage for gratuity, they just figured most people wouldn’t notice. I noticed, and told the GM when I checked out that someone in room service was stealing. She said, “Oh, that can’t be, here’s Jane right here, she’s in charge of room service….” I told Jane that my bill was always a couple percent high no matter how or where you figured the gratuity (pre or post tax). She got a panicked look and immediately comped ALL my room service. Nothing to see here, best be on your way…..

    Guess I figured out where the theft was….


  17. Ray Thompson says:

    Maybe they are chiseling a penny here and a penny there….

    Except the difference was in my benefit. Granted it was only a penny on a $90 keyboard. But it does cause one to question how sales tax is calculated, and if Best Buy is charging too much sales tax on sales and is pocketing the difference. A hundredth of a percent overcharge on a few million in sales each day and you are talking about real money. Perhaps Best Buy is rounding up differently on sales than they are on returns. Perfectly legal as the law states that business can round up to the next whole penny. But it would seem the money would be tracked by Best Buy and remitted to the state. Best Buy would not benefit, only the states.

  18. nick flandrey says:

    A quick observation about batteries and FLASHLIGHTS.

    I bought a backup to my Pelican 1920 penlight. The new one is brighter than the old, and has a bi-level brightness feature.

    I usually run Kirkland AAA batteries in it. I’ve discovered that it draws enough on high that it can drop the voltage lower than the built in boost can deal with. In other words, I hit ‘high’ but immeadiately it drops to ‘low’. I can do this for a while, then even low fades out. Next day, the battery has recovered enough to provide ‘high’ again. It seems as though the Kirkland batteries can’t keep up with the draw…

    Haven’t tried other batteries to compare, but will.


  19. Ray Thompson says:

    It seems as though the Kirkland batteries can’t keep up with the draw

    Characteristic of alkaline batteries. Internal resistance spikes on high current draw. The really high power LED flashlights will use CR-123 batteries. For your light you may want to get some Lithium AAA batteries as those have significantly less internal resistance than alkaline and can provide more power.

    The other advantage to Lithium is they generally don’t leak. They also hold their capacity much longer when not being used. A good choice for a backup light.

  20. lynn says:

    The wife and I want to buy this house for the street name alone. It is around the corner from our house. It would be a great house for our son to live in if he could afford it.

    8107 Firefly Ln, SUGAR LAND, TX 77479

  21. SteveF says:

    The street behind my old house was Beaver Lane. I so wanted to buy property there.

  22. Dave Hardy says:

    We have Ticklenaked Pond up here.

    And this place:,_Vermont

  23. rick says:

    The Portland suburb of Boring beats them all.

  24. Spook says:

    “Hit a couple sales yesterday. One had everything you needed for your camp kitchen- RARE and vintage 3 burner coleman stove, gas bottle lantern, and liquid fuel coleman lantern, plus 3 @ 5gallon water jugs. Prices were a bit high for me, so I left them for the next guy. Did get a swedish fixed blade sheath knife, $7, vintage, possibly mora based on shape. Need to look at it more and get it tuned up.”

    That 3-burner Coleman is definitely rare. Just the thing if you need that. Still, the single burner Coleman stoves (old Sportster and recent 553) have advantages: easy to haul and store, one generator (the likely failure item) per burner, and quite a bit of fuel capacity (often plenty for a week of camping). The stable platform of a multi-burner stove has advantages, as do the wind-screens, but these can be managed more compactly.

    I have recently gotten a couple of Mora knives, non-stainless, for about $10 new. I’d like to hear your experiences with yours. With some minor mods (notably filing the back of blade for fire stick use), these are already favorites, even just as a moderate sized kitchen knife. What kind of sheath did you get? I like the modern plastic ones,
    so far.

  25. Dave Hardy says:

    You right, Mr. rick; dat done took da cake. An’ doan ax me no questions.

  26. Greg Norton says:

    Never mind robbing a store; just going in to buy a burner phone, and you may not want that image examined very closely later. Besides the hoodie, you gotta change yer walk and posture (someone my height should slouch a lot), wear fake glasses, change the hair, assuming you’re not a Baldy, wear clothes out of the ordinary, including loud-ass stuff like a Hawaiian shirt and red plaid shorts. “Burner” uniforms for activities like this are also useful.

    Google Photos face recognition is scary good. It never fails to identify us correctly in Halloween photos, and we’ve done some out there costumes over the years.

  27. Miles_Teg says:

    Lynn, that house costs peanuts for what it’s worth. My place in Adelaide was about twice the price for less house.

  28. Miles_Teg says:

    My sister is currently touring Germany, traveling between cities by rail. She isn’t very impressed…

    My train ride today from Berlin to Dresden was fine though it was SO CROWDED as people were looking for seats in the first 15 minutes on the rails. I’m SO GLAD we secured me a specific seat. Big thank you to ADAM………he told me what to do if someone had filched my seat. Well, someone HAD! So I very nicely said what Adam told me to say & she jumped up in a guilty flash!

    I am glad I bought the ticket on to Munich as soon as I arrived at Dresden station instead of just “turning up early” on the actual day of travel. Getting the ticket TOOK AN HOUR!

    Its actually going to take 6.5 hours to get to Munich. WOW! And the one way ticket cost 113.90 Euros (A$166.95). I was surprised at that but then possibly train travel in Aust is also expensive……..I’ve just never thought about it.

    The 2 then 3 people behind the counter were in absolutely no rush & the waiting room was full of bored people WAITING for service. I got chatting to a young couple who said previously when elsewhere in Germany, they had turned up early to get a ticket to Berlin……but waited SO LONG that their train had been & left & they had to travel later in the day. Anyway…………I’m all set now.

    (Adam is my sister’s son-in-law.)

  29. Dave Hardy says:

    Germany is way down the list for any of my European travel before I croak; only places I’d care to visit given current circumstances would be Austria, Poland and Hungary. Maybe the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Period.

  30. Miles_Teg says:

    I’m thinking about OS travel to Europe next year. Will pick my elder niece’s brains at Christmas when she and the family are back here – she’s a teacher in Seoul and brilliant at getting airfare and hotel bargains.

  31. Ray Thompson says:

    touring Germany, traveling between cities by rail

    Should have got a German rail pass. You can do it online and have it delivered by mail to the U.S. Any 7 days (don’t have to be contiguous), any train, all day, first class for two of us was only $500.00. I have done that on the last four trips to Germany. No standing in line, 1st class. Much better than coach, especially on the ICE.

  32. SteveF says:

    Germany could be a good place to go, shortly. After it falls to the barbarians, there should be opportunity for an ambitious adventurer to carve himself out a kingdom.

  33. H. Combs says:

    When we visited Germany in 2000 to see where the wife grew up, we had no problems with rail. Flew London to Frankfurt, then took the train to Nuremburg. We showed up at the station 1 hr early, got the tickets and had a fast enjoyable ride. I wonder if the recent influx of “refugees” have caused the trouble.

  34. nick flandrey says:


    It’s a GC&Co Mora Sweden, vintage with leather sheath. Needs a bit of polish and a good sharpen. Was marked $6 with 25% discount.

    shows the exact knife and sheath. Not a high end or rare knife, but way too nice to sit in the garage.

    I’ve got a couple of modern Moras about the same size with the plastic sheath. Haven’t had a chance to use them. We’ll be camping in Canadagua next month, but in a cabin at the KOA. Not likely to get much use bushcrafting, but I’ll bring one. (not gonna be able to stay for the Pageant of Steam this time. Wife’s got plans.) We’ll be traveling thru canadia so no Shield this time.


  35. SteveF says:

    Nice, Nick, but why mention the knife to me? Because I’ve mentioned I like knives or because someone else mentioned knives above and you meant to reply to him?

  36. nick flandrey says:

    Whoops! that was Spook who mentioned the Mora knives and asked about it.


  37. SteveF says:

    Hmmph. You’re offending my special, unique snowflakitude by mixing me up with someone else who’s not nearly as special and unique as I. Check your privilege!

  38. Spook says:

    “offending my special, unique snowflakitude by mixing me up with someone else who’s not nearly as special and unique as I.”

    Try to imagine how offended I feel! I’m melting…

    Wow, nice… with the leather sheath.
    Be careful, the Mora fans almost certainly use mind tricks to drag you into their cult…

    Makes me think of a smaller cheezy Rapala bait knife that is horribly booby-trapped with an actual serrated cutting edge where that nice Mora has thumb serrations. Nice to have the extra edge, but it’s really not something to hand to your fishin’ buddy without showing him that “feature” …

  39. SteveF says:

    I would think you would feel honored, Spook, to be confused with me. And if you don’t, you should.

  40. Spook says:

    It’s a bit of a drag to have one’s uniqueness confused with another’s.

    Common interests and hobbies make it easy to be confused with others within this nice community, so that’s not a bad thing overall.

    As I just said to my neighbor in meatspace:
    Well, duh, we try to take care of each other around here!

  41. nick flandrey says:

    The serrations are pretty sharp. I’m thinking scaling?

    Forgot to mention the 8″ Le Crueset enameled chef’s pan for $5. (actually can’t read the maker, but is made in Belgum and is that style.) Is in orange, so matches my other pan….

    Looks like this one, only bottom is fully enameled


    Living better on less…..

  42. Dave Hardy says:

    Luckily my own special brand of uniqueness is never confused here with anyone else’s, and that is probably a very good thing, too. Less chance for anyone else to be committed to the funny farm and/or stood against a wall and shot.

    In other nooz, I will be applying for CCW permits from Floriduh, Utah and Virginia after all, in case I travel again with wife to whichever states have reciprocity with those; VT is such a specially unique situation that only Alaska, Arizona and one other will recognize that I can CCW in their states. Permits from the others will allow me to pick up 25-35 more, pending whatever bullshit Fed reciprocity law gets done this century, after the libturds and anti-gun zealots get through screwing with it, and maybe we don’t want that, anyway.

    Along with those, the FFL; just found out the local UPS store will do BOTH photos and fingerprint cards, which saves a lotta hassle getting it done repeatedly at the local PD. One-shot deal for four cards and four sets of photos, maybe five photos, with one for the new passport I’ll also be applying for, and maybe a second passport.

    But tomorrow is yet another day of weed-whacking, laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. As best I can manage.


  43. lynn says:

    “Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: “Not Reality… Totally Inconsistent With Credible Temperature Data””

    “According to the report, which has been peer reviewed by administrators, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and several of America’s leading universities, the data is completely bunk:”

    These so-called climate “scientists” are all about looting the USA. No bones about it. They are collecting billions of dollars every year in fake studies using manufactured information. Their ultimate goal is to turn our children and grand children into slaves, long after we are turning into worm food.

    Hat tip to:

  44. Dave Hardy says:

    Worm food?

    My goal is to be shark chum. We’re too low to be promoted directly to worm food or fertilizer. Shark chum, and then the baited sharks are killed, and then ground up for fertilizer. We get the promotion by proxy.

    Yeah, of course; it’s always about loot and power. Just another ripoff by lefty cocksuckers, in a long, long line of them.

  45. Spook says:

    “The serrations are pretty sharp. I’m thinking scaling?”

    That’s what product descriptions say. Good basic fish scaler, there.
    I tend to scale fish with a teaspoon, a cheap one with a non-rounded edge.

    Bet you that Mora won’t cut you on its back side.
    That stupid Rapala bait knife will thrash your thumb it you try to use the back side (spine?) to guide the knife. The thing has an actual cutting edge there!
    Pretty solid, white handle and sheath, $4 at Gander ($9 liquidation price, of course).

  46. Spook says:

    “The serrations are pretty sharp. I’m thinking scaling?”


    If I have a little fire going, or not, and my fingernails,
    I can turn a little trout into one of the best meals I have ever had.
    Samwise Gamgee is welcome to bring potatoes to add to the meal.
    Of course, it’s all easier and better with a little KNIFE … and so on…
    Even better if the blade glows… Oh, wait, maybe not.

  47. nick flandrey says:

    Knife beats a pointy stick…

    I always have my EDC knife, my benchmade Mini Griptillion, black, tanto point.

    Someone recommended Mora knives as a good inexpensive fixed blade utility knife, so I bought one, and then another couple for the BOBs. Still haven’t actually cut anything with them though.


  48. Spook says:

    Minimal knife make many pointy stick.

    We be in the Bronze Age, at least…

  49. lynn says:

    Somebody is selling white label WD 8 TB bare drives on Big River for $195:

    “Question: Are these removed from WD MyBooks? Is the manufacturer’s warranty in place?
    Answer: Yes they have been and the Manufacturer warranty is valid until late 2018
    By Viixim SELLER on October 20, 2016”

    Wild. The WD Red 8 TB base drive is $265. The WD External 8 TB drive is $199.

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