Day: July 26, 2017

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

08:31 – It was 64.5F (18C) when I took Colin out at 0630, dim and overcast. Barbara is going to the gym this morning. This afternoon, she needs to get ready for a trip down to Winston. She’ll leave early tomorrow, run errands during the day, stay with Frances and Al tomorrow night, and then head back Friday, making a Costco run on the way home. For Colin and me, it’s wild women and parties, as usual. And PB&J sandwiches for dinner, as usual.

More science kit stuff today. More bottles to be labeled and/or filled. I ordered more bottles yesterday, two cases of the 15 mL plastic and one of the 30 mL amber glass. Those are to arrive tomorrow. While Barbara’s gone I’ll make up another half dozen or so solutions for SKUs we’re running short of.

We finished watching War & Peace (2016) last night. I turned to Barbara and said, “This really is a Russian comedy. At the end, everyone dies.” She said I’d read her mind, because she was just thinking exactly the same thing. So now we’re watching A Place to Call Home, which is much more peaceful, excepting the flashbacks to Nazi Germany during the war.

My case of Angel Soft toilet paper arrived from Walmart yesterday. As it turns out, it’s not much of a deal. One roll of Costco Signature TP weighs 202 grams gross (196.5 g net of the 5.5 g cardboard core). One roll of Angel Soft weighs 112 g gross. I didn’t weigh its cardboard core, but assuming it’s close to the same as the Costco core, that’s 106.5 g net. IOW, the Angel Soft roll weighs about 54% of the Costco roll.

Walmart sells the Angel Soft case of 36 for $15.97, so on that basis the Costco stuff would be a wash cost-wise at ($15.97 / 36 / .54) = $0.82+ per roll. In fact, the Costco stuff costs $0.73+ per roll, shipped. That’s normal price. On-sale it’s less, and still less in the store.

Of course, 9 cents a roll isn’t much difference, even if you’re buying several hundred rolls. What is a big deal is that a “roll” of the Angel Soft weighs about half what a roll of the Costco stuff does, so you’re going to need about twice as many rolls. IOW, if you figure you need 250 rolls of the Costco TP in your LTS, you’d better figure about 463 rolls of the Angel Soft. I just entered the 36 rolls of Angel Soft into our LTS inventory, but I recorded it as only 18 rolls for just that reason.

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